Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Marsh, Jamie Division of Curriculum and Instruction [email protected]
Martin, Robert Art [email protected]
Martin, Silvia Department of Marketing [email protected]
Maruf, Abdullah Al Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering [email protected]
Maruyama, Kate Department of English [email protected]
Mathematics, Professor of Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Matin-Asgari, Afshin Department of History [email protected]
Matsunaga, Sachiko Department of Modern Languages & Literatre [email protected]
Mattheis, Allison Applied and Advanced Studies in Education [email protected]
Matthies, Brigitte Department of Psychology [email protected]
Mazari, Mehran Department of Civil Engineering [email protected]
McCormick, Jennifer Department of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
McCurdy, Alison Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry [email protected]
McGuire, Stephen Department of Management [email protected]
McKeever, Jane Department of TV, Film and Media Studies [email protected]
McLendon, Michael L. Department of Political Science [email protected]
McQueen, Nancy Biological Sciences [email protected]
Mejia, Oscar Alfonso Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Menzies, Holly Division of Special Education & Counseling [email protected]
Metcalf, Franz Department of History [email protected]
Mijares-Palacios, José Mathematics [email protected]
Mijic, Milan Department of Physics and Astronomy [email protected]
Miller, Elizabeth Department of Anthropology [email protected]
Minslow, Sarah English [email protected]
Mitchell, Staci Department of Pan-African Studies [email protected]
Mitra, Arjun [email protected]
Mmeje, Onyinye Department of Civil Engineering [email protected]
Mohanty, Madhu Department of Economics and Statistics [email protected]
Molina, Claudia Extended Education [email protected]
Mondin, Marina Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering [email protected]
Monsour, Edward Department of Accounting [email protected]
Montanari, Simona Department of Child & Family Studies [email protected]
Morales-Chicas, Dr. Jessica Department of Child And Family Studies [email protected]
Moss, Jimmy Department of Art [email protected]
Motamedi, Ashkan Engr Comp Sci & Tech--Dean [email protected]
Mroz, Carol Health & Human Services--Dean [email protected]
Mulherin, Stephen Department of Geosciences and Environment [email protected]
Munger, Ashley Department of Child and Family Studies [email protected]
Munoz, Jorge Extended Education [email protected]
Munson, James University Times [email protected]