Brenda Naimy

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Charter College of Education
Division of Special Education & Counseling
Office KHC-1070



Brenda Naimy is a former graduate of the Cal State LA Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Specialist Training Program (Class of 1985!). After several years of teaching and administrative experience in a private rehabilitation agency in Los Angeles, she returned to Cal State LA in 1994 to assist in preparing O&M candidates to teach independent travel to persons with visual impairments. Since 1994, Ms. Naimy has also served as an Appeals Specialist for those who apply for ADA paratransit services in Los Angeles county.


Ms. Naimy's teaching interests have included the provision of orientation and mobility services to adults who are newly visually impaired, as well as  with children and adults who have visual impairments with additional disabilities. Her primary teaching interests at Cal State LA emphasize the preparation of teachers of students with visual impairments and orientation and mobilty specialists to provide quality services to persons with visual impairments of all ages, from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Also very dear to her heart is teaching the foundations course in special education which helps prepare candidates in education, communication disorders, counseling and rehabilitation to provide quality services to individuals with disabilities and their families.


Ms. Naimy is currently a co-investigator in a collaborative research project with faculty from Cal State Northridege and Western University, looking at the effects of vision loss on balance in adults aged 50 and over. Past research interests have included the provision of orientation and mobility services to students who are English language learners and the alignment of orientation and mobility skills and concepts with appropriate grade related academic standards. Past research interests have included pursual of state licensure and third party reimbursement for orientation and mobility specialists, safety issues and precautions for orientaiton and mobility specialists and their students, as well as stress management concerns for educators in the field of visual impairment.


Sample of Publications Date

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M.A. Special Education - Option in Orientation & Mobility

  • California State University, Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, CA

B.A. Psychology

  • University of San Diego
    San Diego, CA