Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Wittenberg, Elaine Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Won, Deborah Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering [email protected]
Wong, Connie Department of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Woo, Jongwook Department of Information Systems [email protected]
Wood, Eric [email protected]
Wright, Alexandra Biological Sciences [email protected]
Wu, Qingyun Department of Modern Languages & Literatre [email protected]
Wu, Karen Department of Psychology [email protected]
Xing, Song Department of Information Systems [email protected]
Xu, Hao Department of Biological Sciences [email protected]
Yao, Ping Department of History [email protected]
Yi, Jong-Hwan Department of Finance and Law [email protected]
Yokota, Toshiko Department of Modern Languages & Literatre [email protected]
Yoon, Mann Department of Economics and Statistics [email protected]
Yorker, Beatrice School of Nursing, School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics [email protected]
Young, Angela Department of Management [email protected]
Ysais, Michelle Academic Advisement Center-ULS [email protected]
Yu, Holly University Library [email protected]
Zavala, Miguel Division of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Zelman, Walter Department of Public Health [email protected]
Zezima, Zachary Art / Animation [email protected]
Zhang, Zhong-Yuan Extended Education [email protected]
Zhang, Dong Natural & Social Sciences-Dean [email protected]
Zhao, Guo-Meng Department of Physics and Astronomy [email protected]
Zhao Martin, Nan Department of Public Health [email protected]
Zhou, Dong Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Zhou, Lili Division of Curriculum and Instruction [email protected]
Zhu, Yuqing Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Zupanski, Morgan Theatre Arts and Dance [email protected]