Young Kim

Young Kim
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Civil Engineering
Office Location ETA-212

~B.S. Civil Engineering University of Southern California  1958
M.S. Civil Engineering California Institute of Technology 1959
Ph.D. Civil Engineering University of Southern California  1965

Fields of Specialization:  Coastal Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering

Academic Positions

1965-2005 Assistant Professor (1965-1968), Associate Professor (1968-1973)
  Professor (1973-2005)
  Department of Civil Engineering
  California State University, Los Angeles

1971  Visiting Scholar of Coastal Engineering
  University of California, Berkeley
  (Sponsors: Professors Robert L. Wiegel and Joe W. Johnson)

1975  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Senior Fellow in Science
  Delft University of Technology and Delft Hydraulics Laboratory
  Delft, The Netherlands
  (Sponsor: Professor Eco W. Bijker)

1976  Visiting Scientist
  U.S.-Japan Cooperative Science Program
  National Science Foundation
  Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan
  (Sponsor: Professor Shoshichiro Nagai)

1978  Acting Associate Dean
  School of Engineering
  California State University, Los Angeles

1993-2005 Chair
Department of Civil Engineering
California State University, Los Angeles
2005-Present Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering, Emeritus
  California State University, Los Angeles

2011-2013 Visiting Professor
  Polytech’Nice – Sophia
  Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Publications:  7 books and 55 technical papers