Mitch Fryling (he/him/his)

Mitch Fryling, Ph.D.
College of Education
Office KHD2070


Mitch received his B.S. and M.A. in Psychology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, and his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno, and is currently interim dean in the College of Education. Mitch was previously a lecturer, professor, associate chair, chair, and associate dean at Cal State LA. Mitch's scholarly interests are diverse, including both applied/clinical and theoretical/philosophical areas. The majority of this work centers on interbehaviorism and interbehavioral psychology and involves efforts to incorporate interbehavioral thinking in behavior analysis (e.g., conceptualizing behavior as a participant in a complex, multi-factored field rather than a linear contingency). He has published many papers, book chapters, and given numerous presentations at conferences related to these issues over the years. Mitch is a Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral with a range of clinical experience working with children, families, consulting in schools, day programs, hospitals, and providing outpatient psychotherapy. 

Mitch has co-edited two textbooks - Applied Behavior Analysis of Language and Cognition: Concepts and Principles for Practitioners (2020; with Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Linda Hayes, and Jonathan Tarbox) and Applied Behavior Science in Organizations: Consilience of Historical and Emerging Trends in Organizational Behavior Management (2022; with Ramona Houmanfar and Mark Alavosius). More recently, Mitch co-authored (with Linda Hayes) a text titled Interbehaviorism: A comprehensive guide to the foundations of Kantor's theory and its applications for modern behavior analysis (2023).

Mitch is co-investigator (with Ya-Chih "Jilly" Chang) on a training grant that provides interdisciplinary training to ABA and Early Childhood Special Education students, and helped to secure funding for colleagues in the College of Education working on a grant with the CSU Center for Transformational Educator Prep Programs ( Mitch is also the current Editor of The Psychological Record (a journal founded by J. R. Kantor, the developer of interbehaviorism and interbehavioral psychology, in 1937).   


Conceptual Analysis of Behavior, Verbal Behavior, Ethics, Single-Case Research Design, Experimental Analysis of Behavior


Recent work has focused on conceptual analyses, behavioral development, perspective-taking and interpersonal relationships, in addition to topics related to clinical practice. Mitch considers himself to be a lifelong student and learner, and is always taking on new professional development challenges, thinking of new areas of research, and more. 


Sample of recent publications 2022-present


Hayes, L. J., & Fryling, M. J. (2023). Interbehaviorism: A comprehensive guide to Kantor's theory and its applications to modern behavior analysis. New Harbinger. 

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Fryling, M., & Jimenez, A. (2022). Rapid eating: When eating too fast is the problem. In Cihon, J. H., Tereshko, L., Marshall, K. B., & Weiss, M. J. (Eds.). Behavior analytic approaches to promote enjoyable mealtimes for individuals with autism and their families. Vernon. 

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Houmanfar, R. A., Fryling, M., & Alavosius, M. A. (Eds.) (2022). Applied behavior science in organizations: Consilience of Historical and Emerging Trends in Organizational Behavior Management.  





Ph.D. Psychology (Behavior Analysis), University of Nevada, Reno

M.A. Psychology (Behavior Analysis), Western Michigan University

B.S. Psychology and minor in Social Work, Western Michigan University