Shanna Dobson

Shanna Dobson
College of Natural and Social Sciences
Office Location: ST 213
Phone: 3233432150 Email: [email protected]

I am an NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Research Fellow, a UCR Chancellor Distinguished Fellow, Caltech SURF Fellow, Associate Member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society, USC CUE & CETL Faculty Equity Fellow, IAS Women and Mathematics member, and author studying Geometric Langlands, K-theory, and perfectoid spaces. I am a Mellon Foundation grantee, the SEC TF1 String Theory and Quantum Gravity Liaison for SnowMass 2021, and an invitee to WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship STEM Learning Community of Practice Part II 2021-2022, having completed Part 1 for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Professional Appointments: I am a mathematics lecturer at California State University Los Angeles, Mount Saint Mary's University, and ArtCenter College of Design. 

National and Institute Committees: I am currently Chair of the AWM-MAA Liaison Committee, Program Chair of the Southern California-Nevada Section of the MAA, officer of the AWM-MathFest Committee, officer of the AWM-Meetings Committee, and the Alternate NSS Lecturer Representative to the Academic Senate at Cal State LA. At ArtCenter College of Design (ACC), I am the At-Large Representative and Secretary of the Faculty Council Committee, Chair of the Faculty Outreach Subcommittee, member of the Chair's Council Reopening Committee, member of the Chair's Council Delivery of Classes Subcommittee, member of the Future Pedagogy Subcommittee, and a member of the Faculty Research Committee. 

Research Interests: I am interested in perfectoid spaces, Langlands functoriality, Geometric Langlands, and post-quantum cryptography.   

Here is an article I wrote for CSU Read to Learn entitled Curating Metacognitive Conversations to Address Imposter Syndrome


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Summer 2021: At Cal State LA, I am teaching Real Analysis 4650. At ArtCenter College of Design, I am teaching two Independent Studies on generative adversarial networks and 4D printing. 


Spring 2021: At Cal State LA I am teaching Linear Algebra Math 2550,  Differential Equations Math 2150, Cal II Math 2120, and Cal I Math 2110At ACCD I am teaching Expliring Mathematics & Creativity. At Mount Saint Mary's University, I am teaching Math 10: Quantitative Reasoning. 

I am co-organizing a Special Session on Algebraic K-theory, Mathematical Physics, and Perfectoid Spaces at the AMS Spring 2021 Western Sectional Meeting. I am participating in the USC CUE & CETL Inclusive Excellence and Equity Fellows (IE&E) Program. I am participating in WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship STEM Learning Community 1 and Community 2. 


Fall 2020. At Cal State LA I am teaching Math 4650 Analysis I, Math 2130 Calculus III, and Math 2110 Calculus I. At ACCD I am teaching Independent Study I: Mindful Design with Infinitary Logics and Independent StudyII: Model Theory with GUTs of Physics. At Mount Saint Mary's University, I am teaching Math 38: Probability and Statistics.

I am participating in two MSRI scientific programs, the Reading Apprenticeship STEM Learning Community, and a program on the mathematics of biological mentality. 

Talks: I am an exhibitor at the 2020 Women's Leadership Conference. I am presenting at the AMS Fall 2020 Meeting and Chairing the CP III Session. I chaired the Number Theory session at BYMAT 2020 and presented on K-theory. 


Summer 2020. I taught Math 4650 Analysis I (Cal State LA), a Guided Study on Turing Computability (ACCD), and a STEAM series for TheArtHour nonprofit organization. I just concluded my three part talk on Perfectoid Spaces at UCR and completed a wonderful MSRI workshop on Factorization Homology and IHES workshop on Motivic, Equivariant, and Non-Commutative Homotopy Theory. 

I hosted a Women in Mathematics Seminar every Wednesday which commenced June 3rd, showcasing our research and adaptive pedagogy. I gave the following talks at the seminar: July 22: Ultimate L + Langlands Program, June 17: Motivic Spectra + Algebraic K-Theory, June 8:  APF + The Redshift Conjecture, June 8: Perfectoid Spaces and FFC.



Talks   Perfectoid + QCoh, WiM  Crystaline Topos + FFC, WiM CSUCI

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