Navid Amini

Navid Amini
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science



Please visit the following page to see a list of my projects.


I am always happy to speak with students interested in doing Master's or undergraduate research in my group. Please take some time to review my research projects prior to getting in touch with me, so that we can better discuss your research interests and possible projects.


I received my PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, which was followed by a two-year interdisciplinary post-doctoral fellowship working on joint research projects between the Computer Science Department and the School of Medicine. I am the founder of the Project EyeSee, in which I am designing a new wave of interactive, context-aware, and augmented reality-based apps that significantly improve the quality of life in people with low vision and cognitive deficits. I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Sharif University and UCLA, respectively. 


I am interested in machine learning, data visualization, and mobile computing.