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Guides and Documents for Current MA students 

Graduate Assistant Positions

The department regularly offers positions to graduate students to work as Graduate Assistants (GA) in undergraduate courses (typically, POLS 1000: Power, Politics and Engagement in US Government ). This duty mainly involves helping the instructor in the grading of papers, exams, etc., and related tasks. In general, students should have completed POLS 5050 with a B+ or better grade prior to working as a Graduate Assistant for POLS 1000. To apply for a GA position, contact the current MA Graduate Advisor. Graduate students selected as GAs must provide two letters of recommendation, a resume, and complete various forms (available from the department office) before they can be officially appointed.

Maintaining Student Status 

A graduate degree student is required to maintain continuous enrollment in every fall and spring semester from the beginning of the program of study until the awarding of the degree. Enrollment during Winter or Summer Session is required only if the student plans to graduate during that particular term. All students must be enrolled during the term in which they graduate. Unless granted an approved leave of absence, a graduate student who fails to register each semester has discontinued enrollment in the graduate degree program. 

Every semester, graduate students must be registered in a course, or in University (UNIV) 9000, or must have an approved leave of absence. Registration in UNIV 9000 is restricted to graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy and have completed all coursework. If a student wishes to take a semester off before resuming coursework, she or he must take a Leave of Absence, not UNIV 9000.

Although UNIV 9000 is a zero-unit course, the fee is based on one unit of credit for payment purposes; no unit credit is added to the student’s program or transcript. This course is not eligible for financial aid. The deadline to enroll is the University Add Deadline. Information on how to enroll:

For other questions, please contact the MA Advisor. 

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