Learning Outcomes

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The Political Science Department has designated the following Learning Outcomes for undergraduate Political Science majors:

1. Active Citizenship and Civic Engagement - Students should demonstrate knowledge of U.S. political institutions and processes, including the importance of civil society and community involvement. They should have an understanding of contemporary political issues, local and national problems, and their historical contexts. 

2. Critical Thinking and Political Communication - Students should demonstrate critical thinking skills through their understanding of the theories and methods, both qualitative and quantitative, of political science, and should have the capacity to present and defend their views effectively in written and/or oral format.
3. Political Power and Decision Making - Students should demonstrate an understanding of the institutions and processes in which political decisions are made, and the values, interests and other sources of influence that inform those decisions.
4. Foundations of Political Science - Students should have a basic knowledge of the content of the major subfields in political science: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.
5. A Global Perspective - Students should develop a comprehension and appreciation for the diversity of political institutions and traditions constructed by humans globally, and an understanding of the dynamic relationship between local, national and global contexts.