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Welcome to Sociology!

Our dynamic faculty are engaged in research, teaching, and service activities that reflect the diverse communities of Los Angeles.  We work closely with our students to foster skills of sociological insight and analysis, advance their careers, and further the public good. 

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Welcome Dr. Zhang!

The Sociology Department warmly welcomes our new Assistant Professor, Dr. Zhe (Meredith) Zhang. With a Ph.D. in Sociology from The Ohio State University, Dr. Zhang is an expert in health disparities, family, gender & sexuality, lifecourse and aging, and quantitative methods. Prior to Cal State LA, Dr. Zhang was an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas.

Program Overview

How can we understand the world around us, and our place within it? What responsibilities do we have as members of society? How might we make it a better place?

Understanding Society

Sociologists study a wide range of social phenomena, including culture and emotions, prejudice and discrimination, poverty and inequality, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and the organization of the family, religion, education, healthcare, and criminal justice systems. We examine the origins and consequences of war, empire, capitalism, urbanization, climate change, and human displacement, as well as how individuals and groups express agency and pursue collective action.

Preparing for Change

At Cal State LA Sociology, you will gain a rich appreciation of the complexity and diversity of social contexts shaping and shaped by individuals, institutions, and societies across the globe. You'll cultivate research and writing skills, engage with communities of Los Angeles, and promote solutions for pressing social problems. Our curriculum will help prepare you for graduate and professional school, as well as a variety of careers in research, public policy, education, social work, counseling, urban planning, and more.


How to Find Us

Office: Library Palmer Wing 2097
Phone: (323) 343-2200

Department Chair:
Dr. Roseann Giarrusso
[email protected]

Department Coordinator:
Rosie Rodriguez
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Administrative Support Assistant II:
Daisy Barroso
[email protected]

Undergraduate Advising:
Dr. Roseann Giarrusso
[email protected]

Permission to enroll in SOC 3100 and/or 3900

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Academic Programs

Learn more about our outstanding programs!

We offer an undergraduate degree with options in General Sociology, Inequalities & Diversity, Law & Society, and Social Gerontology. 

The department houses three minors in Sociology, Law & Society, and Social Gerontology.

Our fantastic graduate program allows students to earn an M.A. in Sociology.

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