Student Highlight

Robin Sehler
(Picture: Robin Sehler - left)
This May, Robin Sehler graduated with her Master's degree in Geosciences, a feat she once deemed impossible.
“I am so over the moon to finally earn my degree though it was not easy getting here,” says Robin.
Robin enrolled in the Geosciences and Environment program in 2016 as an eager student, a wife, and a new mother. As a Geology major in her undergraduate career, Robin sought to pursue higher education to help people.
“I read an article in the LA Times that featured scientists who worked in JPL warning the public about the California drought. Soon after, the Governor declared a state of emergency in regards to water usage in California. I was so inspired by the scientist’s ability to enact change that I knew I wanted to work for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) one day.”
Robin specifically chose to study Geosciences at Cal State LA specifically after looking into the DIRECT-STEM program at the University knowing that enrolling in this program would gain her access to JPL.
Though she was a step closer to her goal, she was apprehensive on how to fulfill her role both as a dedicated mother and wife while meeting the demands of a rigorous academic coursework. She credits a Cal State LA professor (and student at the time), for instilling confidence in her herself on how to balance school and family life.  
“Dr. Claudia Espinosa was my saving grace. I remember having lunch with her the first day of graduate school. She told me that the key to balancing school and family life is scheduling – eating, studying, family time, and even relaxing. That first interaction gave me courage and helped me with prioritization.”
Robin’s time at the College of Natural and Social Sciences was “nothing short of the best.” Her research primarily focused on water cycle, soil moisture, precipitation and how they relate. She was awarded an internship with JPL where she utilized NASA satellite data to compare precipitation data to soil moisture data using MATLAB and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Robin credits her education at Cal State LA in GIS for preparing her for the internship as her work with JPL has been GIS intensive.
As she prepared to graduate in May, Robin reflected on how grateful she is for having three strong women in her graduate career that she has looked up to: Dr. Ye, Geosciences and Environment department chair, Dr Li, her faculty advisor, and Dr. Lopez, Geosciences and Environment faculty.
“Dr. Li, Dr. Ye, and Dr. Lopez gave me wings to help in my internship. I was able to benefit from Dr. Li because of her engineering background and Dr. Ye's dedication to the students is evident throughout the program. I feel lucky to have so many female leaders,” says Robin.
Robin recently won a research internship position at Princeton University’s Cooperative Institute for Climate Science. For 10 weeks over the summer, she will stay at the university to work with renowned scientists at the National Oceanic Atmopheric Administration and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA/GFDL), a world-leading center of earth system modeling, research and prediction.  
“My family and I will take a road-trip to New Jersey before I begin my internship and they will be with me throughout the summer. I am so lucky that my husband’s job is flexible which means he is able to travel with me.”
Looking to the future, Robin will continue with her internship at JPL with the hopes of attaining a staff position in the Applied Science department.
“One of the reasons why I enjoyed our graduate program was the close relationships I formed with my classmates and of course, faculty. Students at Cal State LA truly uphold the model of ‘pushing boundaries.’ Students here are willing to grow and have hearts of champions. We work hard and encourage one another.”