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Faculty and Staff

Tenure-Track Faculty

Photo Headshot of Dr Adur

Shweta Adur

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Connecticut 

Phone: 323-343-2296
Email: [email protected]

Gender, Sexuality, Immigration, Asians/Asian Americans, Human Rights, Qualitative Methods

Headshot of Bao

Luoman Bao

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park

Phone: 323-343-2215
Email: [email protected]

Aging and Health, Family and Life Course, Gender, Inequality, Demography

Headshot of Dr. Bradley Campbell

Bradley Campbell

Ph.D. University of Virginia

Phone: 323-343-2218
Email: [email protected]

Criminology, Law and Society, Historical-Comparative Sociology

Headshot of Dr. Wai Kit Choi

Wai Kit Choi

Ph.D. UC Irvine

Phone: 323-343-2214
Email: [email protected]

Critical Theory, Political Economy, Labor, Historical Society

Headshot of Dr. Katie Dingeman

Katie Dingeman

Associate Professor
Ph.D. UC Irvine

Phone: 323-343-2210
Email: [email protected]

Migration, Borders/Citizenship, Detention/Deportation, Human Rights

Headshot of Dr. Kristen Discola

Kristen Discola

Associate Professor and Graduate Director
Ph.D. SUNY Albany

Phone: 323-343-2211
Email: [email protected]

Social Psychology, Emotions, Criminology, Qualitative Methods

Headshot of Dr. Elaine Draper

Elaine Draper

Ph.D. UC Berkeley, J.D. UCLA

Phone: 323-343-2299
Email: [email protected]

Law and Society, Environment and Technology, Bioethics and Medical Sociology, Work and Organizations

Headshot of Dr. Louis Esparza

Louis Esparza

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Stony Brook University

Phone: 323-343-6348
Email: [email protected]

Historical-Comparative Sociology, Social Movements, Human Rights, Latin American Studies

Headshot of Dr. Gabriela Fried

Gabriela Fried Amilivia


Phone: 323-343-6349
Email: [email protected]

Cultural and Political Sociology, Human Rights, Political Transitions, Social Memory, Latin American Studies

Headshot of Dr. Roseann Giarusso

Roseann Giarusso

Professor and Department Chair

Phone: 323-343-2200
Email: [email protected]

Aging and Life Course, Family, and Intergenerational Relations, Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology

Headshot of Dr. Hope

Analena Hope Hassberg

Associate Professor
Ph.D. American Studies and Ethnicity, USC

Race & Ethnicity, Food & Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Gentrification, Community Health & Wellness

Headshot of Dr. Hyojoung Kim

Hyojoung Kim

Ph.D. UNC Chapel Hill

Phone: 323-343-5768
Email: [email protected]

Political Sociology; Social Movements; Rational Choice

Headshot of Libby Lewis

Libby Lewis

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. UC Berkeley 

Phone: 323-343-2211
Email: [email protected]

Social Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Human Sexuality, Sociology of Media and Culture, Ethnography.

Headshot of Dr. Luis Nuno

Luis F. Nuño

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. New School for Social Research

Phone: 323-343-2209
Email: [email protected]

Urban Sociology, Social Control, Deviant Behavior, Latina/o Sociology

Headshot of Dr. William Rosales

William E. Rosales

Associate Professor
Ph.D. UCLA, J.D. University of Wisconsin

Phone: 323-343-2210
Email: [email protected]

Immigration, Race/Ethnicity, Social Stratification, Deviance/Crime, Law and Society

Headshot of Dr. Tanya Sanabria

Tanya Sanabria

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. UC Irvine

Phone: 323-343-2216
Email: [email protected]

Sociology of Education, Social Inequality, Quantitative Methods

Headshot of Dr. Vanessa Stout

Vanessa Stout

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Trinity College Dublin

Race & Ethnicity, African Diaspora, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Popular Culture

Headshot of Dr. Molly Talcott

Molly Talcott

Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara 

Email: [email protected]

Abolition, antiracist feminism, climate justice, labor & social movements, research justice methodologies, radical social theory

Headshot of Dr. Robert Weide

Robert Weide

Associate Professor
Ph.D. New York University

Criminology, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Radical Theory


Headshot of Professor Abdelhamid

Mohammed Abdelhamid

M.A. Psychology, Cal State LA

Email: [email protected]

Statistics, Research Methods, Intimate Relations

Headshot of Professor Albright

Julie Albright

Ph.D. Sociology and Clinical MFT, USC. 

Email: [email protected]

Marriage and Family, Culture and Communications, Technology and Society, Human Sexuality

Headshot of Professor Blum

Dinur Blum

Ph.D. UC Riverside

Email: [email protected]

Social Control, Law/Crime/Deviance, Culture, Higher Education, Qualitative Research

Headshot of Professor Corona

Victor Corona

Ph.D. Columbia University. 

Email: [email protected]

Sociology of Culture, Urban Sociology, Gender and Sexuality, Ethnography

Headshot of Professor Date

Geraldine Date

M.S. Gerontology and M.S.W., USC

Email: [email protected]

Aging and Social Gerontology, Community, Social Welfare/Social Work, Mental Health

Headshot of Professor Fraser

Rick Fraser

Ph.D. Sociology and Clinical M.F.T., USC
M. Div., Fuller Theological Seminary

Phone: 323-343-6352
Email: [email protected]

Marriage and Family, Religion, Organizations

Headshot to Professor Garcia

Gilbert Garcia

Ph.D. Candidate, UC Riverside

Email: [email protected]

Social Inequality, Race Ethnic Relations, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

Headshot of Dr. Karmiryan

Ruzanna Karmiryan

M.A., Sociology, Cal State LA

Email: [email protected]

Emotions, Socialization, Family, Children and Youth, Aging/Social Gerontology, Race/Class/Gender

Headshot of Professor Kim

Soo Mee Kim

Ph.D. University of Illinois

Email: [email protected]

Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Immigration, Globalization/Transnational Sociology,  Asian American Studies, Visual Sociology

Headshot of Dr. Manley

Theodoric Manley

Ph.D. University of Chicago

Email: [email protected]

Urban and Community Studies, Social Policy, Intergroup Relations

Headshot of Professor McKail

Michael McKail

Ph.D. Candidate, UC Riverside

Email: [email protected]

Race/Gender/Class Inequality, Social Theory, Political Economy

Headshot of Dr. Morales

Marcellino J. Morales

Ph.D. Education, University of La Verne

Email: [email protected]

Human Sexuality, Inequality, Social Psychology

Headshot of Dr. Perry

Charity Perry

Ph.D., M.F.T., University of Louisiana Monroe

Email: [email protected]

Family Relations, Gender, Domestic Violence

Headshot of Dr Seals

Dmitri Seals

Ph.D. UC Berkeley

Email: [email protected]

Intersectional Studies, Race, Class and Gender, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Mixed Methods, Social Theory

Headshot of Dr. Stagnaro

Melanie Stagnaro

Ph.D. University of Florida

Phone: 323-343-2028
Email: [email protected]

Aging and Life Course, Quantitative Methods, Gender

Headshot of Dr. Stone

Jeffrey D. Stone

Ph.D. Public Health UCLA

Email: [email protected]

Psychiatric Epidemiology, Medical Sociology, Survey Research, Evaluation Research, Statistics

Headshot of Professor Valgeirsson

Gunnar Valgeirsson

Ph.D. Bowling Green State University

Phone: 323-343-2212
Email: [email protected]

Class/Race/Gender, Sociology of Sport, Violence in American Society, Drug Use and Public Policy

Headshot of Dr. Wong

Carin Wong

Ph.D. Occupational Science, USC

Email: [email protected]

Gerontology, Health Services, Long-Term Care

Headshot of Dr. Ysais

Michelle Ysais

Ph.D. UC Riverside

Email: [email protected]

Race and Ethnic Relations, Domestic Violence, Deviance

Emeritus Faculty

Headshot of Dr. Bernard Berk

Bernard Berk

Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Deviance, Sociological Theory, Macro-Micro Integration

Headshot of Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte

Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte

Ph.D. Harvard University

Phone: 323-343-2212
Email: [email protected]

Evaluation and Applied Research, Social Psychology, Sociology of Media and Culture

Headshot of Dr. Steven Gordon

Steven L. Gordon

Professor Emeritus

Sociology of Emotions, Social Psychology, Comparative and Historical Sociology

Headshot of Dr. Janet Lever

Janet Lever

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Yale University

Sociology of Gender, Human Sexuality, Alternative Family Forms

Headshot of Dr. Ron Tsukashima

Ron Tsukashima

Professor Emeritus

Race and Ethnic Relations, Urban Sociology, Asian-American Studies.