Message from the Dean

Headshot of Dean Scott-Johnson

Welcome to the College of Natural and Social Sciences at California State University, Los Angeles! Our College reflects a diversity of disciplines through its inclusion of 15 departments and interdisciplinary programs that serve nearly 5,500 undergraduate majors and over 500 graduate students. Our outstanding faculty and staff are committed to creating educational experiences for students that utilize and generate knowledge that is culturally responsive and inclusive and to facilitating the development of the next generation of leaders in academic centers, industry, local, regional and national government. 

In the College of Natural and Social Sciences, we strongly support multidisciplinary approaches to twenty-first-century issues, from local to global, while seeking to inspire in our students a life-long commitment to learning and to the betterment of our communities and environment. We believe in creating learning environments that foster collaboration, advance research and transform students’ lives. Our faculty are highly productive and value deeply the teacher-scholar model and our interactions with our students and communities. We take pride that our intellectual leadership informs. We strive to produce synergies of disciplinary excellence and to create models of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to solving complex issues that inform our professions and broader communities in which we serve. In addition to addressing the training needs of our students, the College of Natural and Social Sciences plays a critical role in the educational experiences of the university-wide campus through our foundational sciences courses and in developing the cultural nexus of our students.

Come! Explore our College to learn more about our values and commitments. Get a glimpse of the exciting research and activities that engage our faculty and students. Make the College of Natural and Social Sciences your partner and your academic home.

Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Profile: Top Women Industry Professionals - Dr. Pamela E. Scott-Johnson (Source: Shine On Magazine)