MPA Learning Outcomes

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program at California State University, Los Angeles, prepares students for leadership by educating them for professional public and community service within a diverse and dynamic metropolitan environment. In the program, students develop the following leadership capabilities, which are the program's student learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge about and the ability to bridge public administration theory, research and practice
  • Rigorous critical analysis skills to inform evidence-based public and community problem-solving and decision-making processes in changing contexts
  • The incorporation, advancement and reliance on public service ethics in decision-making processes
  • The ability to work collaboratively within and across sectoral, jurisdictional and organizational boundaries
  • The ability to engage a diversity of perspectives and interests to support culturally responsive, inclusive, justice-oriented and equitable public service
  • The ability to identify diverse stakeholders and utilize effective communication to engage them

Please access the MPA curriculum grid to see how the MPA courses align with the program's student learning outcomes and the universal competencies required by NASPAA, the external agency that accredits graduate public administration programs.