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ICT Procurement Request ServiceNow

Submission of the ICT Procurement Approval Request form in ServiceNow is a requirement for all IT purchases and renewals; submit this form at least 30 days before the necessary in-service date.

This process has replaced the deprecated 4801 form. We have created a video walkthrough and a step-by-step guide to assist end-users with form completion. The ICT form is greatly simplified over the deprecated 4801 form and designed to be completed by the purchase request end-user.

ICT Form Video Walkthrough

ICT Form Pictorial Walkthrough

Submit the ServiceNow ICT Procurement Approval Request by logging into MyCalStateLA using your campus ID and password.

  • In the left navigation, column, click on ServiceNow:

Left Menu navigation selection

  • In ServiceNow's left navigation column, click on Catalog:

Left menu navigation selection within ServiceNOW

  • In the resulting menu, click on Accessibility.

Select "Accessibility" for ICT Procurement Request

  • Click on ICT Procurement Approval Request.

Launch ICT Procurement Approval Request

  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. Your name will automatically be filled in on the first field.  If you are completing the form for someone else, place their contact information as the requestor.

Note:  Some fields are pull-downs, and answering "yes" will reveal a hidden field requiring additional information.  Some fields (such as Department or ITC Name) are look-up.

Requestor Information section

  • Fill in as much information about the vendor as you have.  If a field is unknown, "unknown" is the answer.   However, some contact information must be provided to avoid processing delays.

Vendor information section

  • Fill in as much information about the product as you have.  If a field is unknown, "unknown" is the answer.   The planned method of payment is either PO or PCard.  UAS purchases are mostly POs; if so, provide the UAS purchase information in "More Information."

Product information section

  • Give the life cycle and terms and usage of this product.  Attach the PO, quote, or invoice; these can be forwarded to Procurement later, but processing cannot commence without them.

particulars about the product

  • The impact is next. This section provides Accessibility, Security, and Infrastructure, an idea of the scope involved in purchasing the product.

Product use and impact section

  • The infrastructure is next. Is the product compatible with the campus networks, operating systems, and other standards, as well as product installation and maintenance?

infrastructure section

  • Accessibility is next.  Ask your vendor for their latest VPAT and attach it here.

Alt text to be inserted

  • Information Security is last.  Above "Indicate whether this product handles sensitive data" if answered yes will produce more fields to fill.

sensitive information pre-information section

  • Assuming everything is correct, click Submit Request. A new screen appears that confirms successful submission. If errors are present, such as incomplete required fields or incorrect input formatting, the form will not submit until you have addressed those errors.

Information Technology Consultants Only:

If the product handles sensitive data, additional tasks and IT Security documentation are required for completion by the ITC named in the request:

sensitive information section