Editoria11y demo

This page simulates what an author would experience if they were logged in to a site with Editoria11y installed: a toggle automatically appears in the lower-right-hand corner of the page with an issue count. Normally it is an innocuous little a11y symbol; since there were critical issues detected on this page it has become a red exclamation point.

  1. Click the toggle to open the info panel and highlight all the obvious content issues on the page.
  2. Then click the “Show tags” button on the panel to reveal the document’s hidden structure and text alternatives.

Note that the info panel and contextual highlighting can be set to activate automatically when new issues were found; that was turned off for this demo so you could read this intro first!

Heading Tests

Empty Headings

This heading has no text:


Skipped heading levels 

This H6 should have been an H3

Suspiciously long headings

A very long heading. Headings should not be used for emphasis, but rather for a document outline, so if you find yourself talking this much, this probably is being used for visual formatting, not a heading.

Suspicious paragraphs that look like headings

Suspicious paragraphs that look like headings

Images in the header format

Golden Eagle Statue

Text Alternatives

Screen readers end up reading this as a filename:

Image marked as decorative with an empty alt

This might be OK; flagged as needing manual review:

Images with an invalid alt attribute

E.G., alt="'"


Image with a filename as an alt



Tables without valid headers

A table without a TH header is invalid And NO, an "H3" does not count



Do not use tables for page layout or for information that is not tabular (i.e. information with meaning that is dependent on it being in columns or rows in a grid).

How not to use a table:

Accessible tables are structured with row and column headers. Screen readers use this information to speak information one cell at a time and provide context to users.

Empty table headers cells

Empty table heading cells will also be flagged:   <= Empty Cell


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 AM - 11:25 AM English    English    
1:00 PM - 1:25 PM  






a. Fake Lists

b. use letters or numbers

c. rather than real formatting 

Caps Locks


Color Contrast

WCAG Level AAA requires a contrast ratio of at least 7:1 for normal text and 4.5:1 for large text.

Wrong color contrast

Correct Color contrast

Correct color contrast in school colors

Meaningful Links

Links titled with a URL


Links only titled with generic text

"Click here," "learn more." "download," , "this link", etc.

Click here

learn more


this link



Links that open in a new window without an external link icon or warning

An informative video about Web Accessbility.


Links to a documents

Note that you can set what Editora11y should look for in your preferences file. By default, it checks for PDF and DOC Files


A real PDF link.