Graduate Programs

Master of Arts Degree

The objective of the M.A. degree in Anthropology is to prepare students for professional level employment in industry and government, teaching positions in community colleges, or advanced study towards the PhD. degree. The program has four options: General Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociocultural Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology. The General Anthropology option prepares students in the traditional areas of anthropology: culture theory, ethnography, archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. The Archaeology option prepares students for careers in archaeology or cultural resource management. The Biological Anthropology option prepares students for careers in forensic anthropology, primatology, bioarchaeology, and other aspects of the discipline. In addition to preparing students for further studies, the Sociocultural option prepares students to work in underserved communities, the non-profit sector, education, public service, and business.

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