Anthropology Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Amira Ainis, Assistant Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 

Beth Baker, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2443

Michele Bleuze, Assistant Professor, [email protected]Phone/Ext:

James Brady, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2024

Ester E. Hernández, Professor, [email protected]Phone/Ext:

Elizabeth Miller, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 5205

ChorSwang Ngin, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2442

Joyce Parga, Professor, [email protected]Phone/Ext:

Aaron Huey Sonnenschein, Professor and Chair, [email protected]Phone/Ext: 3-2441

Kate Sullivan, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2440

René L. Vellanoweth, Professor, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2000


Lauren Arenson, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 0000

Jessica Bodoh-Creed, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2444

Maha Karout, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 0000

John Pohl, Lecturer, [email protected]Phone/Ext:

Melanie Saldana, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 0000

Susan Saul, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2443

James Sera, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2444

Helen Wells, Lecturer, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2444


Maricela Godinez, Department Coordinator, [email protected], Phone/Ext: 2440