Michele Bleuze

Michele Bleuze
College of Natural and Social Sciences


Dr. Bleuze is a biological anthropologist with research interests in bioarchaeology and paleoanthropology. A central theme of her research is understanding the various mechanisms underlying human adaptability in response to the physical, developmental, functional, and sociocultural environments. She has worked at archaeological and paleoanthropological sites in the United States and Africa and is currently involved in a collaborative project investigating juvenile growth and development in ancient Egypt. 


Dr. Bleuze practices student-centered teaching and helps students reach their fullest potential by engaging them in the learning process. She teaches students to be active learners so they can take ownership of their learning and education. Her primary goals as an educator are to prepare students for a lifetime of learning, excite students about exploration, and provide students with transferrable skills that will serve them in their professional and personal lives. 

Her pedagogical areas of interest include content area literacy, active learning environments, academic socialization across diverse socioeconomic and cultural contexts, and inquiry-based science. She has earned multiple teaching certificates including a Certificate in Effective Instruction from the Association of College and University Educators. 


  • musculoskeletal biomechanics, locomotion, and activity patterns
  • developmental and functional skeletal morphology
  • growth and development


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Ph.D. 2011, Anthropology, University of Western Ontario
M.A. 2005, Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
B.A. 2001, Anthropology, Syracuse University