BA Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science entails the completion of 14 courses. Seven courses are part of the mandatory core, and seven are electives. It is recommended that 2000-level and 3000-level requirements are completed prior to enrolling in 4000-level courses.

The core requirements for all students in the major are as follows:

POLS 1000 - Power, Politics, and Engagement in U.S. Government
POLS 2810 - Quantitative Research Design in Political Science

Foundations Series

POLS 3710 - Foundations of American Politics 
POLS 3720 - Foundations of Political Theory 
POLS 3730 - Foundations of Comparative Politics 
POLS 3740 - Foundations of Global Politics 

The Senior Capstone Seminar (POLS 4980 or 4981 or 4982)

In addition to the core, seven elective courses are required, three of which should be selected on the basis of the student's choice of option below. 

Options and Roadmaps

In addition to the core requirements, all students must choose one of the four options offered in the BA program. Each option is adapted to a different objective as described below. 

The General Political Science Option (Course Planner) provides broad exposure to the discipline and allows students to choose their own upper-division courses to prepare for careers in both the public and private sectors. General Option Roadmap - Four-Year Plan and Two-Year Transfer Plan.

The Global Politics Option (Course Planner) focuses on the changing nature of international politics and the emergence of a global political space, preparing students for careers in both the private and public sectors, including international relations. Global Politics Option Roadmap - Four-Year Plan and Two-Year Transfer Plan.

The Prelegal Studies Option (Course Planner) provides undergraduate preparation for professions in law, education, and public service. While a strong emphasis is placed on developing skills in legal analysis and research, courses in this option also provide students with a critical understanding of the interrelationship between law and politics in American society. Pre-Legal Option Roadmap - Four-Year Plan and Two-Year Transfer Plan

The Public Administration Option (Course Planner) provides undergraduate preparation for careers in government service or nonprofit organizations. Public Administration Option Roadmap - Four-Year Plan and Two-Year Transfer Plan

Need Help?

Please consult the sources below to ensure the timely completion of all graduation requirements. Current information on the BA program can always be found in the online University Catalog.

Advisors in the NSS Academic Advisement Center can review the current requirements of the major and help develop a course plan for each semester. The department chair is also available to provide advisement on all issues.

Information on applying for graduation (a necessary step to receive your degree) is available from the University Graduation Office. Students should apply during the semester preceding their planned completion of studies.