Graduate Degree Programs

We currently offer two traditional graduate programs and a program in Environmental Science:

  1. MS in Geological Sciences (Options in Geology or Environmental Hydrogeology)
  2. MA Geography
  3. MS in Environmental Science (Options in Environmental Hydrology, Environmental Biology, Geospatial Sciences & Environmental Engineering) 

The MS in Geological Sciences is focused on hydrogeology and environmental science. Students receive both the theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeology during their education. Alumni are employed with many consulting and government agencies in southern California and throughout the nation. Graduates may also choose to earn Ph.D.'s at leading universities.

It provides an opportunity for students to advance their research skills. It is designed to prepare students for teaching at the community college level, for employment in government and private industry, and for further graduate study in geography.

Advisor: Dr. Barry Hibbs ([email protected])

The MS in Environmental Sciences prepares students for environmental science research, doctoral study, community college teaching, and technical positions in universities, industry, or governmental agencies.

Advisor: Dr. Alireza Farahmand ([email protected])

How To Apply:

  1. Contact the appropriate Graduate Program Advisor (see above).
  2. Complete the Cal State Apply Application and submit the required documents to the Admissions Office. Follow the university admission checklist.


Fall 2023 Applicants:

MS in Environmental Science, MS in Geological Sciences, or MA in Geography

Cal State Apply Filing Period opens October 1, 2023, through March 15, 2024.

NOTE: There is NO separate department application. The department application is integrated into Cal State Apply Q4. Applicants only need to complete the application on Cal State Apply.

After applying, if you have any questions, contact the Department Coordinator: [email protected]