Research Scholarship Creative Activities Reopening Protocols (NSS Suplemental Form)

Research Creative Scholarship Activities (RSCA) Reopening Protocols
NSS Supplemental Rationale Form 

To be considered, NSS faculty/PI would need to submit the following in a two-part approval process:

  1. Complete all required safety training
  2. Complete the RSCA Reopening Application (Attachment C) and the University RSCA Rationale Form (Attachment D). These can be found on the University RSCA Reopening Protocols webpage
  3. Complete the NSS Supplemental Rationale FormNOTE: The NSS College Review Committee requires the completion and submission of the NSS Supplemental Rationale Form, which is different than the Rationale Form in the University RSCA application.
  4. Send training certificates, RSCA Reopening Application, University Rationale Form, and NSS Supplemental Rationale Form to your College RSCA Review Committee at [email protected]. 

Once the College RSCA Review Committee approves your application, you may proceed with Step 4.

  1. Request a Safety Site Assessment. Upon completion of Safety Site Assessment, Faculty/PI will receive a copy with the approval signatures to be attached to the RSCA Application. Refer to the University RSCA page for guidance. 
  2. Submit RSCA Application and supporting documents for signature approval via DocuSign through the University RSCA page.

For faculty: click here if you need an additional graduate student form and here if you need additional personnel form.