Full Time Enrollment

  1. As an F-1 or J-1 student, you must be a full-time student in order to maintain your immigration status. If you enroll in less than the required number of units, you must file and receive approval for a Request for Reduced Course Load.
  2. Undergraduate Students must maintain at least 12 units throughout each semester. Summer Session enrollment is optional.
  3. Graduate Students must maintain at least 8 units of graduate level classes (4000 and 5000 level), or otherwise maintain full time enrollment.
  • Students who have completed ALL coursework requirements and need additional time to complete their thesis must enroll in UNIV 900 each term (equivalent to full time enrollment) to maintain continued student status..
  • Students who CANNOT enroll in the comprehensive exam or submit their thesis due to the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) must enroll as a full time student.

       4. Only one (1) online class is counted towards a student's full time status.

Reduced Course Load

If you enroll in less than the required number of units, you must submit a Request for Reduced Course Load to the International Office for approval. Failure to obtain approval PRIOR to dropping below full time status will result in your falling out of F-1/J-1 status. Submitting a request does not mean an automatic approval. The International Office must review your request and supporting documents.

Dual Registration

Dual registration allows you to enroll in a limited number of classes at another institution while attending school at Cal State LA.

Changing Majors

You should first speak to an academic advisor in the department of the major you are interested. When you decide to change majors, you should submit necessary documents to the Registrar’s Office. After the information is updated in GET, submit the I-20 Request Form with the necessary documents to the International Office to request a new I-20 to reflect the change in major.

Leave of Absence

Graduate students at Cal State LA may be permitted to take leaves of absence for up to two (2) semesters. The International Office recommends that you check with your department regarding their policy on leave of absence.
If you plan to take a leave of absence, schedule an appointment with an international student advisor to discuss your eligibility, particularly if you plan to stay inside the U.S. during your leave of absence.


If you are placed on probation, schedule an appointment with the International Student Advisor immediately.


If you are disqualified, schedule an appointment with the International Student Advisor immediately.