International Programs Council

Cal State LA Council on International Programs

The California State University, Los Angeles Council on International Programs is advisory to the Dean of the College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE)/Cal State LA Senior International Officer.

Charge to the Council

The Charge to the Council consists of the following functions:

  • Participate in developing strategic goals and objectives for the University's international programs and monitoring progress in achieving them.
  • Present faculty views on matters concerning international programs, and assist in promoting faculty and administrative support on behalf of specific international efforts.
  • Facilitate coordination and help promote inter-College and all-University projects that enhance the University's international programs.
  • Advise the Academic Senate on issues related to international students and programs.
  • On an annual basis, review information about the University’s international programs-including enrollment, enrollment trends, gender and ethnic group participation, as well as information about the operation of the University's international programs-and report the results of this review to the campus.

Membership and Operations of the Council

The Council on International Programs shall consist of the following 15 members:

  • One faculty member selected from each of the six academic Colleges and the Library.
  • The Cal State LA representative to the CSU Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP).
  • One member representing the Academic Senate Executive Committee.
  • One member of the Academic Affairs senior staff designated by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • One member of the Student Affairs senior staff designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • Two student members, one undergraduate and one graduate, designated by the Associated Students.
  • The Director of the International Office, who serves as an ex officio, non-voting member.
  • The Associate Dean of PaGE, who is designated by the Dean to serve as the Council's Executive Secretary and is an ex officio, non-voting member.

Members shall serve three-year staggered terms, with the exception of the student members who shall be selected annually and the designated members who serve by virtue of their assignments. The Chair is elected annually from among the voting members.

The Executive Secretary will assist the Chair in coordinating the Council’s meeting schedule and agenda.