Multiple, Single Subject and Education Specialist Internship Program

Welcome to the Internship Program

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Cal State LA's University Internship Program, accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), offers a distinctive pathway for those seeking a multiple, single-subject, or education specialist credential. This two-year program, which includes an Early Completion Option, is ideal for individuals who are already working as teachers in public schools.

An internship program provides you with an opportunity to enter the classroom if you have a bachelor's degree and a desire to start teaching without delay. Whether you've previously worked as a classroom aide, in after-school programs, or have a long-held dream of becoming a teacher, this program is designed for you.

As an internship candidate, you'll take on the role of the teacher in a classroom while completing your program and receiving a teacher’s salary. It's a chance to learn, grow, and have a real impact right from the start.

This program is a partnership between Cal State LA, a higher education institution, and local public schools, ensuring you benefit from both academic knowledge and hands-on classroom experience.

University Internship Teaching Credentials authorize the holder to serve, under the supervision of a University Supervisor and the holder’s employer, in the area or subject listed on the credential. University Internship  Teaching Credentials are offered in the following areas:

  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with English Learner Authorization
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with Bilingual Authorization
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential with English Learner Authorization
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential with Bilingual Authorization
  • Education Specialist Instruction Teaching Credential with English Learner Authorization

Eligibility for Cal State LA’s Internship Program

  • The candidate must have successfully enrolled in one of Cal State LA's credential (Multiple, Single Subject, and Education Specialist) programs.
  • Possess a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited university.
  • Offered employment by a School District with a partnership agreement with CSULA, and the job offer must match the teaching credential you are pursuing.
  • Verification of valid Certificate of Clearance issued by CTC
  • Satisfied the Basic Skills Requirement.
  • Satisfied the Subject Matter Competency requirement.
  • Completed a course (two-semester units or three-quarter units) in the provisions and principles of the U.S. Constitution or pass an examination given by a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Fulfillment of preservice (prerequisite) requirement.
  • Completed preliminary advisement with Jennifer Revilla.


Period of Validity of the Intern Credential

Cal State LA’s Intern programs offer a standard two-year, four-semester program, with an early completion option. Employment is restricted to a specific school agency. Your teaching position and your program go hand in hand. Any changes to your employment status will affect your program status, and vice versa. A one-time, one-year extension by appeal is available at the request of the university intern program when an educator fails to complete the program in the time allotted due to extenuating circumstances. 

Additionally, it's important to note that the internship program allows interns to assume the functions authorized by a regular standard credential, ensuring their services meet the instructional or service needs of the participating district(s). Please be aware that since this model was designed to address district staffing needs, interns cannot displace certificated employees.



 At Cal State LA, we maintain close collaboration with our educational partners (employers) to provide the support and supervision necessary for our Interns. Our partnership enables us to actively track their progress and provide necessary support and supervision. Working closely with employing districts, we provide Interns with a minimum of 144 hours of annual support and supervision, along with an additional 45 hours of specialized support designed for teaching English Learners. This comprehensive approach ensures effective supervision throughout their enrollment in the University Intern Program.

An essential aspect of our supervision process is the EDSP 4950 (Intern Supervision Seminar), a mandatory course that all currently enrolled interns must attend throughout their entire participation in the intern program, spanning both the Spring and Fall semesters. As part of this requirement, interns must complete a weekly supervision log, documenting the support received from their school site and the university. Each intern is assigned a mentor at their school site, who can also provide support for teaching English learners (for those without single or multiple subject credentials with previous EL authorization). Interns should aim to receive a minimum of two hours of support from their school site mentor every week. To complete the remaining supervision requirement, they must receive at least 84 hours of supervision from their school-provided support provider per year to remain in compliance with the state standard. For those interns who do not already have EL Authorization from a California credential or a passing score on an exam such as the CETL, they must receive an additional 45 hours of supervision per year related to working with English Language Learners.


Preservice Coursework Requirements for the Internship Program

To meet the intern program preservice and CTC's Intern credential requirements, you must successfully complete the following courses with a grade of C or better. These courses provide the foundational preparation mandated by the program, covering general pedagogy (including classroom management and planning), reading/language arts, subject-specific pedagogy, human development, and specific content related to teaching English Learners, as required by the California Code of Regulations §80033:

Education Specialist

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

EDSP 4000

EDSP 4001

EDSP 4010


EDCI 4000

EDCI 4010

EDFN 4130 OR 4131


EDCI 4000

EDFN 4130 OR 4131

EDSE 4301


Preliminary Advisement

If you're interested in the intern pathway for your credential program, Jennifer Revilla is your go-to person. She's your advisor and will be with you every step of the way. Contact Jennifer for questions and follow her advice on which courses to take. She's here to help you succeed!


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Jennifer Revilla
Office of Student Services
Graduate Advisor, Internship Program Coordinator
King Hall D2078
Phone: (323) 343-4342
[email protected]


Early Completion Option (ECO) 

This choice is available for individuals with the required skills and knowledge. It allows you to skip some classes in the Intern Program and demonstrate pedagogical skills through a performance assessment. If you think you might be eligible for ECO, please get in touch with Jennifer. She can guide you through the process and ensure you receive the necessary support to complete the required assessments. For more details, visit the Early Completion Intern Option webpage


Cal State LA’s MOU with the district outlines:

(a) 144 hours of annual support and supervision for all internship programs, including 45 hours specific to teaching English learners, as required by California Code of Regulations §80033.

(b) For University Intern Programs, intern salaries will not be reduced by more than 1/8 and will not be less than the minimum base salary of a regular certificated person. Additionally, no more than eight interns will be advised by one district support person.

Intern Credential Questions - FAQs

There are a number of requirements that you must meet to be eligible for the intern program. One requirement is that you have an offer of employment in the assignment in the area in which you are seeking the credential. You may begin the application process and receive conditional acceptance to the Intern Program, contingent upon your securing a job in your field.

See the application page link for the University applications. To apply for the Intern program, you should make an appointment to meet with Jennifer Revilla via Appointment Plus ( or by scanning the QR code below.

Internship QR Code

COE Student Services processes your Intern credential application and then submits it to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). When CTC has fully processed your application, you will receive an email from CTC requesting that you pay the fee for the intern credential. You can pay CTC directly by credit or debit card. Your intern credential will be available online from CTC when it has been approved. You can check the CTC website for updates on the status of the review process. It usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

There are other requirements including:

U.S. Constitution course (or equivalent exam)
Minimum GPA of 2.75 in last 90 quarter units of coursework
Passing grades in pre-requisite courses EDSP 4001: Observations in Urban Classrooms, and EDSP 4000: Foundations of Special Education, or Multiple or Single Subjects credential; Interview with Jennifer Revilla or Abril Trasvina (KHD2078)

NCLB compliant means that you have demonstrated subject matter competence. You demonstrate subject matter competence by taking the CSET multiple or single subjects exam or by completing 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas.

If you received your preliminary multiple subject credential before the CSET was required (in 2003), you do not need to take the CSET.

You will need to take the CSET-multiple subject or single subject (in one of the core areas) or you will need to have completed 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas (math, science, English, social science).

You need to have a B.A. degree in order to be eligible for the intern program. Once you complete the B.A. program and have a job offer as a special education teacher, you can become an intern.

You will need to meet with the advisor of the credential area you want to pursue (M/M, M/S, VI, PHI, or ECSE) and have the advisor review the classes you have completed for your first special education credential. The advisor will identify what additional coursework you will need to complete to earn the special education credential in the second area.

You must meet with a faculty advisor to determine which courses you should take. Transfer courses must be equivalent to those courses required by the CSULA credential program.

Candidates who live more than 75 miles (one way) from Cal State LA can complete the PHI or VI credential through a combination of on-site and distance-delivered classes. Please contact Dr. Christina Kimm (for PHI) at (323) 343-4407 or Dr. Cheryl Kamei-Hannan (for VI) at (323) 343-6297.

CTC requires that you demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge in your subject area. If you are planning to teach at the elementary level, then by passing the CSET-multiple subjects exam, you have demonstrated subject matter competence. If you are planning to teach at the secondary level, you can demonstrate subject matter competence by taking the CSET single subject matter exam in one of the core subject areas or you can complete 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas. ECSE candidates are not required to take a subject matter examination; ECSE intern candidates demonstrate subject matter competency through completion of a Child Development undergraduate major or equivalent.

There is an application fee to apply to Cal State LA and an application fee to apply to the COE. The intern credential has an additional fee that is paid to CTC directly. There is not a separate fee to apply to the intern program.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants are accepted into the program every fall and spring semester.

Yes, there is a limited course offering during Summer Quarter.

If you complete your first Special Education credential as an intern, you cannot enroll in the intern program for any other Special Education credential.

Intern Funding Questions - FAQs

The Intern program does not have any funding available. Other grant funding may be available for some of the Education Specialist credential areas. Contact the advisor in your specialization area for information regarding federal grant funds. A number of University scholarships are available for CCOE students. Please contact the Center for Student Financial Aid for applications and procedures. As a Special Education teacher candidate you may be eligible for loan cancellation programs. The Center for Student Financial Aid can provide further information for this as well.