Masters of Arts Degree in Special Education Option in Mild/Moderate Disabilities

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CSULA garden on main walkway

The MA in Special Education, Option in Mild/Moderate Support Needs offers in-depth study of theory, policy and practice issues focused on the needs of students with learning disabilities (including those with dyslexia), intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, and autism spectrum disorders. Many of the courses are offered in tandem with the mild-moderate support needs credential so that students may efficiently pursue the M.A. and the credential at the same time. The degree is also offered independently of the credential. 

As graduates of Masters in Special Education with an Option in Mild/Moderate disabilities one may find work as: 

  • Special education teachers at the K-12 level
  • Inclusion support specialists in public and private schools
  • Behavior support specialists in public and private schools
  • Developers of special education curriculum
  • Lead teachers in special education
  • Providers of professional development and in-service workshops in response-to-intervention, behavior support, curriculum differentiation
  • Authors of textbook
  • Consultants for publishing companies

Program Outcomes

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Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of current issues and practices in curriculum and behavior support for individuals with learning disabilities, intellectual disability, and emotional disturbance, and the ability to inquire into these topics.
  • Develop knowledge and skills in educational research; develop analysis and reflection skills and written and oral communication.
  • Identify and analyze topics of importance in current educational conversations and debates for critical issues related to special education.
  • Deepen their commitment to their students and their students’ learning of academic and functional curricula.
  • Increase their confidence to utilize a variety of teaching methodologies.
  • Improve their ability to manage and assess their students’ progress in the curriculum.
  • Augment their capacity to think reflectively about their teaching practices.
  • Increase their capacity to become an agent of change in the field of special education.

Program Faculty

As a part of the Option in Mild/Moderate disabilities, students receive individual advisement and instruction from expert faculty members who combine extensive classroom-teaching experience, research, and pre-service and in-service teacher development in the area of special education. For more information regarding the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Option, contact any of the program coordinators below:

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Office: King Hall C 1072E
Phone: 323.343.4281
E-mail: [email protected]

Missing media item.Office: King Hall D-2079
Phone: 323.343.4409
FAX: 323.343.5605
Email: [email protected]


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Office: King Hall C-1064
Phone: 323.343.4400
E-mail: [email protected]


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Office: King Hall C-1030
Phone: 323.343.4412
E-mail: [email protected]


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Office: King Hall 
Phone: 323.343.6271
Email: [email protected]


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Office: King Hall KH D2081
Phone: 323-343-6156
Email: [email protected]