Teacher Education Induction Program

Prof Houston
Prof Houston

 In California, becoming a teacher involves two steps. First, new teachers receive a "Preliminary Teaching Credential" by completing required training and demonstrating their knowledge and skills. This preliminary credential expires in five years.

After that, there's a two-year program designed to give extensive support and guidance during the new teacher's first and second years of teaching.  This program is job-embedded, individualized,  focused on mentoring and support, and begins in the first year of teaching.  Its purpose is to help new teachers clear their Preliminary Teaching Credential within the five-year window.

This program aligns with the goals of the local school and district. New teachers receive help from a support provider who understands their community and the needs of new teachers. They also receive mentoring during their first two years.

The Induction program is closely aligned with the goals of local schools and districts. It's designed to provide new teachers with valuable guidance from experienced support providers who have a deep understanding of their community and the specific needs of novice teachers. This support and mentoring continue throughout the first two years of their teaching careers.

The Teacher Induction program follows specific standards and governs the process for Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist teachers as they work to earn their Clear Teaching Credential.

This two-year program starts in the first year of teaching and involves active collaboration between the College of Education, Teacher Education Induction Credential Program, mentors , and administrators. Together, they aim to enhance teaching effectiveness and assist teachers in achieving their professional goals through reflective practice and continuous improvements.

Admission Requirements

The Fall 2024 application filing period opens on October 1, 2023.

Please locate your program to view its respective admission application deadline

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Teacher Education Induction Program. Deadline: May 31, 2024

Admission to the program depends on meeting these key requirements:

  • Hold a valid California preliminary credential (multiple subject, single subject, or education specialist teaching credential).
  • Must be actively teaching in a classroom that matches your preliminary credential, which you intend to clear.
  • Meet Cal State LA's graduate studies admission criteria.
  • Complete an intake interview with the Induction Coordinator.

California follows a "clear one, clear all" policy for preliminary teaching credentials, which means that if a teacher holds a preliminary multiple subjects credential and a preliminary Education Specialist credential, only one induction is needed to clear all credentials.

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Program Information

An Informational Presentation about the program is available.

The induction program at Cal State LA includes candidates with single subject credentials in all content areas, multiple subjects credentials, and education specialist credentials in early childhood education, mild-moderate, and moderate-severe. The diversity of credentials in the program allows candidates to share common teaching experiences as well as explore intersections across diverse teaching experiences.

The program for candidates in their first year of teaching is 2 years (4 semesters).  Candidates who can demonstrate 2 or more years of successful teaching experience qualify for the Early Completion Option (1 year program).

If the candidate is exclusively pursuing a clear teaching credential, the program is 6 units per semester (part-time) at the credential program fee level.  However, many candidates in the Cal State LA induction program are simultaneously pursuing their Master's degree.  Those fees are based on the number of units taken at the Master's degree fee level.  For specific fee information, go to the Cal State LA Finance Service Centers Page and click on the semester and year you plan to enroll.

Program Faculty

Erica Hamilton, Ph.D.
[email protected]
Teacher Induction Program Coordinator