Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Tools

Use this guide to keep on teaching using remote or virtual tools available to all Cal State LA faculty. Remote teaching can be considered a transformation of class-time and class-routines, using technology. For a quick analogy, consider your routines and activities as new structures that need to be replicated for remote/distance instruction. Explore our Remote Teaching Quick Start Guide for more. 


For more ideas on the "Try" techniques of our Remote Teaching Matrix and Quick Start Guide, check out the CETL Online Activities Repository

Keep Teaching Plan Templates

Remote Teaching Equivalency Table

Please follow the hyperlinked text in the "Options Using Cal State LA Tools" column for how-to guides and explanations of the tools. 

Course Component

Options Using Cal State LA Tools

Announcements and Updates

Send email announcements| Send Canvas announcement

Share Course Syllabus

Send the syllabus to students via email | Upload the syllabus to Canvas | Share your syllabus on OneDrive

Share Student Grades

Utilize Canvas Gradebook (& Assignments) to share grades confidentially - please note email does note meet FERPA compliance for confidentiality 


Send lecture notes via email | Upload slides/lecture notes to Canvas | Embed videos on a Canvas page | Use Camtasia for Screen Recordings | Record and share lectures via Zoom

Attendance Use Canvas Attendance or switch to Participation through low-stakes surveys (which can be synchronous or asynchronous)


Use Canvas Discussion | Hold Class Discussions via Zoom | Consider some alternative Online Discussion Prompts

Collect Assignments

Collect Assignments via email | Use Canvas Assignments | Collect Turnitin Assignments in Canvas

Guest speakers

Host a Remote Speaker via Zoom

Presentations (group or individual)

Have students send their presentations via email | Collect Presentations (Assignments) on Canvas | Have students present via Zoom

Office hours

Use Zoom for remote office hours

Quizzes and Exams


Give online quizzes or exams



Other Quick Resources