Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Tools

Use this guide to keep teaching using remote or virtual tools available to all Cal State LA faculty.

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Course Component

Options Using Cal State LA Tools

Make Course Announcements

Send email announcements| Send Canvas announcement

Share Course Syllabus

Send the syllabus to students via email | Upload the syllabus to Canvas | Share your syllabus on OneDrive

Share Student Grades

Send each student their individual grades via email | Utilize Canvas Gradebook (& Assignments) to share grades confidentially


Send lecture notes via email | Upload slides/lecture notes to Canvas | Embed videos on a Canvas page | Use Camtasia for Screen Recordings | Record and share lectures via Zoom


Use Canvas Discussion | Hold Class Discussions via Zoom

Collect Assignments

Collect Assignments via email | Use Canvas Assignments | Collect Turnitin Assignments in Canvas

Guest speakers

Host a Remote Speaker via Zoom

Presentations (group or individual)

Have students send their presentations via email | Collect Presentations (Assignments) on Canvas | Have students present via Zoom

Office hours

Use Zoom for remote office hours

Quizzes and Exams

Give online quizzes or exams

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