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GAAD 2021

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Cal State LA Digital Content Challenge

Thursday, May 20th, marks the 10th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). This year to coincide with GAAD 2021, Cal State LA Accessibility launches an initiative to improve digital content held on our websites. 

GAAD: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

What is the Digital Content Challenge?

  1. For Summer 2021, we're inviting offices, programs, departments, divisions, or colleges to participate voluntarily.
  2. You'll receive a list of the PDF documents on your website
  3. We'll ask you to review the list and mark each document as follows:
    1. Archive (no longer needed on the web and remove from Drupal)
    2. Update or revise (and then remediate for accessibility)
    3. Keep as is (and remediate for accessibility)
    4. Change the document to either a Word document, webpage, or ServiceNow online form.
  4. Once you have sorted your list and confirmed the documents are up to date, we'll begin the remediation of your documents to ensure they are accessible.
  5. We'll provide you and your team with resources to help you stay accessible, and moving forward, we ask you to reach out to accessibility for assistance before posting documents on the web if you're unsure if they are accessible.

Who Should Participate?

If you update the content of your area's website, you are the ideal candidate to participate in the Digital Content Challenge. Similarly, if you produce documents distributed on your area's website, you should also participate. We ask that you review a list of the documents on your website for accuracy before remediation, so you'll need to know how and why the documents are used in your daily operations and whether revisions are required or have access to someone who can provide such detail. Once we have a complete list, Accessibility takes care of the rest!

Sign Up

Complete this form to participate in the Digital Content Challenge. A link to the sign-up form is also available on the left menu navigation under Digital Content Challenge. Your participation will help keep Cal State LA inclusive!