ULRN Program Admission

Freshmen and transfer students are encouraged to declare a major in Urban Learning (ULRN) upon application to the university, and to attend the Cal State LA Orientation program.  This will allow us to identify you as a ULRN student early and to provide the best-possible advisement.

The major offers students two paths of entry:

  • As freshmen.  Freshmen complete a program of GE preparation under the supervision of the program before beginning the major course or study. Freshmen should enroll in CCOE 1010 (Introduction to Cal State LA and the Charter College of Education, 3 units) to satisfy the Cal State LA Introduction to Higher Education requirement and seek advisement from ULRN at orientation or during their first semester of enrollment.  All freshman students will receive a plan of study toward satisfaction of their GE requirements.
    Entering Cal State LA as a Freshman
  • As junior transfers from a community college.  Transfer students must have a minimum of 60 transferable units, and should request GE or IGETC certification before transferring.  Transfer students must complete a short application and have their transcripts reviewed by the program coordinator prior to beginning their course of study, and will enroll in CCOE 3010 (College Success and Professional Preparation, 2 units) their first semester of attendance. 
    Preparing to Transfer from a Community College

Application to the Program

Freshman and transfer students should apply to the ULRN program as soon as they decide to enter the major and have been admitted to Cal State LA.  It is not necessary to wait until you enroll at Cal State LA.  The earlier you apply the better advisement you will receive and the smoother your transition will be!

To apply to the program, students must:

  • Complete a one-page application form
  • Write a short essay describing their reasons for becoming a teacher
  • Have their transcripts reviewed (transfer students only)
  • Apply for a Certificate of Clearance

Please contact the ULRN program at [email protected] to schedule an appointment to apply to the program.

Certificate of Clearance
The California Education Code §44340 & 44341 require that all individuals who seek to obtain California credentials, certificates, permits, and waivers issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing receive fingerprint clearance from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through the Commission. Individuals who have received fingerprint clearance through other California agencies, employers, other states or government agencies are not exempt from this process.  Certificates of Clearance issued on or after February 28, 2005 are valid for five-years.  The Charter College of Education requires all students entering the credential program or enrolling in courses that include fieldwork with students to hold a valid Certificate of Clearance before they may register for these courses.

Placement in a Cohort

In the Urban Learning Program, students are assigned to a cohort at the beginning of the junior year. Students are not considered officially enrolled in the program until they have applied to the program, are placed in a cohort and have enrolled in CCOE 1010 or CCOE 3010.


Urban Learning Program