M.A. in Degree in Education Option in Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

Note: This program has been transformed and is now the M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction Program.
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Welcome to M.A. in Education(Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction)

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The Master of Arts Degree with an Option in Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction is designed to provide educators with opportunities for professional growth in many dimensions.  One of its primary objectives is to develop teachers’ commitment to students and to their students’ learning .  Candidates in the program also deepen both their knowledge of the subjects they teach and broaden their skills in delivering that knowledge.  While enhancing their instructional management and motivational skills, candidates expand their capacity to reflect on the practice of teaching and use that reflection to further their development as teachers.  Candidates are encouraged to see themselves as participants in learning communities and to discover ways in which they can both learn from and contribute to those communities.

Personal and Professional Benefits
Deepen the meaning and pleasure of teaching by exploring teaching practice, sharing with colleagues, and creating new solutions to instructional problems.

  • Discover innovative methods of instruction to increase effectiveness and students’ engagement, learning, and thinking.
  • Develop knowledge and strategies to design curriculum at classroom, school, and district levels.
  • Increase leadership effectiveness among fellow teachers by understanding the complex social factors at work in school communities.
  • Take charge of change by developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional innovations in middle and high schools.
  • Gain knowledge of skills and procedures in educational research to understand and conduct inquiry that improves classroom instruction.
  • Prepare for additional subject area teaching certifications through appropriate course work leading to demonstration of competency in selected fields while earning an MA degree.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that enable teachers to effectively pursue National Board Certification in their chosen field.
  • Build knowledge base and experience that prepares educators for entry into doctoral programs in education.