Welcome to the Credential in Extensive Support Needs


Welcome to Credential in Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Are you a passionate and creative person who loves to work with children? Do you believe that everyone belongs together? Do you enjoy working collaboratively? Try a challenge teaching children with Extensive Support Needs.

This Education Specialist Credential Program in Extensive Support Needs helps you to become a competent and innovative teacher meeting the diverse needs of students with ESN in various settings such as self-contained classrooms, general education, special school, and other alternate environments.

The Extensive Support Needs category includes, but is not limited to, developmental disabilities, intellectual disability, severe behavior, emotional disturbance, Autism, and multiple disabilities, including Physical Disabilities and Other Health Impairments.

After completing all the course requirements, students are prepared to teach students whose difficulties require functional academics and life skills instruction. They may include communication, social behavior, self-care, daily living activities, and job-seeking opportunities.

Education Specialist Credential in Extensive Support Needs