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The Division of Curriculum and Instruction at California State University, Los Angeles offers several programs leading to multiple subject and single subject teaching credentials, bilingual, and reading specialist authorizations. It also has programs leading to the Master of Arts Degree in Education. The courses offered are designed to increase teaching effectiveness, to emphasize fundamentals of educational research with application to instructional leadership for planning, implementing, and evaluating curriculum.
Master of Arts degree candidates have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas of concentration: (1) bilingual/multicultural education, (2) creative literacies, (3) early childhood/primary education, (4) mathematics education, (5) mathematics/science teaching,  (6) middle and secondary curriculum and instruction. Those candidates in Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction have the opportunity to complete one of the following areas of concentration: (1) reform in middle and secondary urban schools, (2) cross-cultural language and academic development, (3) content area specialization, (4) integrating critical and reflective thinking throughout the curriculum, (5) language arts/literacy, (6) mathematics/science pedagogy, and (7) instructional technology. The Master of Arts in Education in Reading can also be combined with a Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential. These graduate degree programs offer such breadth and depth of experience in a program of 45 quarter units. These programs are designed to benefit teachers seeking professional growth and renewal, as well as those who are able to undertake Master's degree course work while simultaneously completing requirements for the Clear Credential.
The Division of Curriculum and Instruction also has a certificate program in Storytelling designed for persons with an interest in techniques, theories, and literature associated with the ancient and modern art of storytelling, and who will be able to incorporate this knowledge as an integral part of the school curriculum.  The Bilingual Authorization Certificate Program is designed to provide students who already have obtained their Multiple Subjects, Single Subjects, or Education Specialists  Teaching Credentials an opportunity to add Bilingual Authorization approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).  The Postsecondary Reading Certificate authorizes the holder to teach reading courses at the Community College level. With careful planning, students can earn an M.A. in Education: Option in Reading, and/or a Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential, and/or a California Reading Certificate concurrently. 
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