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COVID-19 Information:

Due to the COVID-19 situation, effective March 23rd, the CS Department office hours will be reduced (or closed as events warrant). Please call 323-343-6690 to check if the office is open or email if you need help. If you need to see a staff, please go to the ECST Dean's office located at E&T A236. 

Alternative Advising:

Classes will now be conducted online until April 24th (could change as events warrant) with faculty using means of instruction that do not involve face-to-face gathering. For any questions regarding your classes, communicate with instructors directly.

For any advising related questions, such as: Course withdrawal in Spring 2020, Registration question for Summer 2020, Graduation issue, etc., submit your request via “2020 Spring/Summer Advisement” survey on Describe your question clearly and an advisor will respond to you shortly via email. If needed, a faculty advisor will follow up with you via phone or zoom.

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Computer Science Students Working Together

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science


With recent rapid advances in computer hardware and computer software technology, Computer Science has become one of the most exciting and dynamic research areas and one that seems set to affect the lives of everyone. Computer science combines constructivist mathematics with engineering technologies that enable mathematical objects to be treated as physical symbol systems. Its scope ranges from such abstract and theoretical topics as the semantics of programming languages and computational complexity to more concrete issues such as Boolean circuits and computer and network architectures. A central and integrating element of computer science is the design and development of software. Software is a representation of abstract ideas in a language capable of execution by a computer. The MS and the BS degree programs stress both theory and practice in the computer science area and were developed in accordance with curriculum guidelines recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the authority on computer science education. Students who complete the degree will be well-qualified for challenging jobs in a field in which an unprecedented demand exists for men and women trained in computer software skills. Careers are available in such specialties as computer networks and security, data science, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, database systems, systems analysis, and distributed systems.

Department Vision

To be a pre-eminent computer science program that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for productive careers by providing them with a student-centered, practically-focused quality learning experience.

Department Mission

To graduate well-educated computer scientists who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world. Read More: Mission

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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