Parking & Transportation Forms

Citation Contest Form

Request for an Initial Review can be made by submitting a Parking Citation Contest form at

Parking Reservation Request Form

Campus departments may make parking reservations in advance for visitors who are required to pay for parking by completing the Parking Reservation Form (Writable functionality available on Windows Explorer).

Temporary Overnight Parking

Overnight parking of vehicles on University property, except for Housing Resident Parking, is prohibited without permission from the University Police.  To submit a request, please complete the Temporary Overnight Parking form online. Campus parking facilities are not intended for use as storage.  The university reserves the right to remove and impound abandoned vehicles at the owner’s expense.

Emeriti Parking Registration Form

Emeriti can add their vehicle information using the Emeriti Parking Registration Form.

Event Parking Request Form

The Event Parking Request Form must be submitted to Parking Services 14 calendar days prior to the date of the event (Writable functionality available on Windows Explorer).

Parking Event Waiver Request Form

To see if you qualify, submit a Parking Event Waiver Request Form (Writable functionality available on Windows Explorer) fourteen calendar days before your event.  This form can be submitted via email or submitted to the Event Parking Coordinator at the Welcome Center.

Concurrent Employment Parking Application

For employees working at multiple CSU Campuses.

Parking Permit Refund Request

Request a refund for a semester parking permit.

Citation Overpayment Refund Request

Request a refund for a citation overpayment.

Vocational Rehab and Department of Rehabilitation Parking Permit Claim Form

If your parking permit is paid by Vocational Rehab or the Department of Rehabilitation, please complete this form to claim your parking permit.

Loading Dock Extended Stay

Extended stay permits are available for purchase by authorized personnel affiliated with the university to facilitate projects or tasks that require a longer loading or unloading time.  The cost of these permits is $10 plus an 8.5% admin fee.

Volunteer Parking

Parking information for university-approved volunteers.

Inner Campus Permit Request

Inner Campus Permits grant access to the interior area of the campus restricted by divisional bollards. If removal of the bollards is not necessary, an Inner Campus Permit is not required. Only authorized University personnel may request this type of permit. Please submit requests 2 – 3 business days in advance.


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