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Cal State LA’s Parking Services is a self-supporting entity which does not receive state general funds to operate, maintain and construct new parking facilities.

Parking Services has launched a new parking management system that will include the implementation of virtual permits to replace parking hangtags. This system conversion will improve and streamline the parking permitting process by using license plate recognition technology. Starting spring semester, you will no longer need to display a physical permit. You will only need to register the vehicle parked on campus.  Faculty, staff, must purchase a semester parking permit. Qualifying Faculty and Staff may register for payroll deduction at the Transportation Service Center.  Students can purchase a semester permit, a 30 day student permit, or a daily permit.  All parkers must have a valid parking permit at all times when parking in a Cal State LA lot.  Faculty, staff, and students must note the signs displayed at every parking lot in order to avoid citations.  It is the responsibility of all drivers to know and understand the University parking rules and regulations. Parking regulations are enforced 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Please obey all posted signs and/or curb markings.

Semester and 30 day permits can be purchased at or through the MyCalStateLA Portal.

Cal State LA offers many types of semester or academic annual permits to fit your needs.

Due to Covid-19 Summer Session 2020 will be through online instruction only.  Purchase a summer permit only if you will be working on campus or using the facilities. Face coverings are required while on campus and please remember to always practice social distancing.

Student Permits

Student Semester and 30 day permits can be purchased through MyCalStateLA Portal or at 

Student Parking Fees Summer 2020-Fall 2020
Type Rate

Summer Session 2020 (10 weeks)


Fall Semester 2020



Housing Resident

Housing Residents require a Resident Permit.  Resident parking is only allowed in Lot 7a and on Hellman Ave in the designated street parking spaces. Verification of housing residency must be obtained prior to purchasing a Resident Permit.  Vehicles displaying a Resident Permit may not park in student lots.  First-time freshmen are prohibited from purchasing a Resident Permit.

For more information visit our Housing Resident Parking Page.

Housing Resident semester permits can be purchased through MyCalStateLA Portal or at

Resident Parking Fees Summer 2020-Fall 2020
Type Rate

Summer Session 2020


Fall Semester 2020



Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Permits allow for parking in Faculty & Staff lots and student lots.  They are sold to employees of Cal State LA and verification of employment from Human Resources must be obtained prior to sale.  Prices for permits vary based on the employee's bargaining unit.  

Faculty Staff Prices for Summer 2020- Fall 2020


Unit 3

Units 1, 4, 8, & 11

Units 2,5,7,9, 10 & 13

Unit 6 

Summer Session 2020






Fall 2020














Faculty & Staff Permits are available for purchase through MyCalStateLA Portal or at  For parking information call (323) 343-6118.  Qualifying Faculty and Staff can sign up for Payroll Deduction at the Transportation Service Center

2 Wheel Vehicles

2 Wheel Permits are available to students, faculty, and staff that drive a 2 wheel motorized vehicle to campus. 2 wheel permits and spaces are not valid for motorized vehicles with 3 wheels.

2 Wheel Permits permits can be purchased through MyCalStateLA Portal or at 


2 Wheel Parking Fees Summer 2020 - Fall 2020
Type Rate

Summer Session 2020


Fall Semester 2020


High School Permits

High School Permits are for students of LACHSA and MASS high school.  High School Permits can be purchased at

High School Parking Fees Fall 2020
Type Rate

Semester 1


General Parking Permits

For those affiliated with Cal State LA but do not qualify for Student, Faculty, Staff, or other semester permits, we offer a General Permit for the Semester.  These permits allow for parking in student areas.

General Permits are only available for purchase in person at the Transportation Service Center.


General Parking Fees
Type Rate

30-day rate




PayByPhone is the most convenient way to pay for daily parking.

Download the app now from the Blackberry, Google Play and iOS App Store.

For more information on PayByPhone, please visit

PayByPhone is available for daily parking in the following parking locations;

Parking Location

Location Number

Parking Structure C- Top Level


Lot 1 1571

Lot 2


Lot 5


Lot 7


Parking Structure A


Parking Structure B, C Level


Parking Structure C


Parking Structure C


Parking Structure D


Parking Structure E


Lansdowne Ave (Street Parking)


Paseo Rancho Castilla (Street Parking)


Permit Proration

Cal State LA Semester Permits prorated every 30 calendar days and summer session permits prorate every 25 calendar days.  Please visit the Summer and Fall 2020 Proration Page for current proration schedules and prices.

Refund and Exchange Policy

Refunds or exchanges for semester permits require the parking permit to be deactivated upon submission of the Refund Request Form. Semester permit refunds requested before the first day of classes or due to class cancelation (proof of cancellation required) will receive a 100% refund or credit for exchange.  Semester permit refunds requested on the first day of classes or later will receive a partial refund/credit for exchange based on the proration schedules listed on the Summer and Fall 2020 Proration Page.  Exchanges can only be done within the term purchased.  No credit can be applied toward future terms or semesters.  Past semester permits are not valid for refunds.  There are no refunds for daily permits, 30-day permits, or intersession permits. Please visit the Summer and Fall 2020 Parking Refund Schedule for the Summer refund schedules or the 2019-2020 Parking Refund Schedule Page for the previous semester's refund schedules.  Contact Parking and Transportation for more information.


All the above information is subject to change without further notice.

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