Parking Payroll Deduction Authorization

The Cal State LA Parking Service's Pre-Tax Parking Permit Deduction Plan allows for full-time Cal State LA staff and tenured faculty to deduct parking fees monthly. Qualifying faculty and staff must have continuing appointments through the academic year (June 30, 2024) to qualify. The amount of your monthly deduction is based on your bargaining unit, see chart below.

Parking Payroll Monthly Deduction Rates

Bargaining Units

Parking Rate

Partking Occupancy Tax

Total Deduction

MPP, E99, Non-Represented

$49.44 $4.94 $54.38

Unit 3




Units 1, 4, 8, 11

$17.06 $1.71


Units 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13




Unit 6

$16.03 $1.60 $17.63


Submissions will be reviewed by Parking Services prior to issuing a permit. Submissions can take up to 3 business days to review and approve. The first month of parking must be paid for in advance. Parking fees will be deducted for the month from the prior pay period. If you are already on Payroll Deduction and need to make changes to your deduction complete the Payroll Deduction Update Form. All changes must be made prior to the 7th day of the month to affect the deducted pay period. Parking Services submits requests to the State Controller's office to deduct fees. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform Parking Services of changes to payroll status, bargaining unit, separation, or any other change that will affect the payment of parking fees. If at any time it is discovered that the faculty or staff on Parking Payroll Deduction does not meet the qualifications, separated, or deductions cannot be completed, the parking permit may be deactivated and the employee may be removed from the payroll deduction program. The employees will be held responsible for any outstanding parking fees owed. To enroll in payroll deduction complete the form below. 

New Changes Affecting Payroll Deduction Parking - The State Controller's Office (SCO) can no longer process retroactive refunds. SCO can only process refunds for employees whose deduction is effective for a future month.

For questions and status updates contact Parking Services at (323)343-6118 or by email.

Parking Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Campus Appointment
Please confirm the length of your campus appointment.
not qualified
Thank you for your interest in Parking Services' Payroll Deduction Plan. At this time you do not qualify for payroll deduction. To purchase a permit you may log in to For more information on parking please contact Parking Services at (323)343-6118 or visit
Employee's first name.
Employee's middle initial
Employee's last name.
Employee ID Number (EIN) as shown on your employee ID card.
Employee's Cal State LA issued email address.
Employee's department
Employee's Cal State LA position title.
Payroll Deduction Statement 1
1. Eligibility for Pre-Tax Parking Permit Deduction Plan applies only to full-time University staff and tenured faculty with an appointment through the academic year or longer.
Payroll Deduction Statement 2
2. Payroll deduction for parking is identified as Parking on your earnings statement and withheld once each month.
Payroll Deduction Statement 3
3. After approval, you must log in to the Parking Portal and purchase the first month of parking. Select Purchase Permits then choose Payroll Deduction Parking Permit. These options will not appear until after approval. Your first deduction will be the following month. You will not have a valid permit until you purchase your first month of parking and register your vehicle.
Payroll Deduction Statement 4
4. Deduction for parking is taken before federal, state, social security, and medical taxes are calculated.
Payroll Deduction Statement 5
5. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform Parking Services of cancellation or changes to this deduction. This would include changes in your department, bargaining unit, leave of absences, etc.
Payroll Deduction Statement 6
6. Payroll deduction will cease once the participant completes the Payroll Deduction Update Form at The virtual permit will be deactivated from the employee’s registered license plate(s).
I have read and agree
Please check that you have read, understand, and agree to each of the above statements.
Check the box to authorize deduction