Visitor Parking

Please take the following parking information into consideration when planning a visit to Cal State LA:

Cal State LA’s Parking Services is a self-supporting entity that does not receive state general funds to operate, maintain and construct new parking facilities. All visitors not performing state business MUST pay to park on campus.

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid Cal State LA parking permit registered to the license plate number at ALL TIMES.

Those persons that do not own an annual, semester, or 30-day permit, may purchase a daily permit at the pay stations located in:

  • Lot 4A located by Administration and (1-hour max only )
  • Student Union Lot (1-hour max only)
  • Lot 1A (only after 4 pm)
  • Lot 2
  • Lot 3 (only after 5:30 pm)
  • Lot 5
  • Parking Structure A (All Levels)
  • Parking Structure B (C Level)
  • Parking Structure B (B Level After 5:30 pm only)
  • Parking Structure C (Yellow Level)
  • Parking Structure D (All Levels)
  • Parking Structure E (All Levels)

Important Note on Imposition of Parking Occupancy Tax- A 2019 Supreme Court of California ruling (City and County of San Francisco v. Regents of the University of California et al. S242835), concluded that Charter Cities can require state universities and colleges to collect a Parking Occupancy Tax (POT) imposed on parking at such institutions. As a result of this ruling, the City of Los Angeles has notified Cal State Los Angeles of their intent to collect a POT of 10%, consistent with the City’s code, on all purchased parking beginning July 1, 2022. The 10% POT will be added to the cost of all parking permits sold on campus which includes daily, hourly, monthly and semester permits. On-campus resident parking is exempt from a POT. Unfortunately, we are required to collect this city tax from all campus parkers – this is not a parking rate increase. For more information visit our Parking Occupancy Tax FAQ's Page.

New Guest Daily Permit Rates beginning January 1, 2023 will be as follows;

Length of Time/Rate

  • 1 hour (Lot 4A, Golden Eagle Lot, and Student Union Lot only ) - $3
  • 4 hours - $5
  • All Day - $10
  • 2-Wheel - $4


PayByPhone is the most convenient way to pay for daily parking.

Download the app now from the Blackberry, Google Play, and iOS App Store.

For more information on PayByPhone, please visit

PayByPhone is available for daily parking in the following parking locations;

Parking Location

Permits Available

Location Number

Lot 1

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Lot 2

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Lot 5 (LAFC, Construction, and Housing)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day.


Lot 8 (Disabled Parking with DMV Placard)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Lot 9

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure A

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure B, B Level (After 5:30 pm only)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure B, C Level

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure C

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure C- Top Level

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure D

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Parking Structure E

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Paseo Rancho Castilla (Street Parking)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Lansdowne Ave (Street Parking)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Mariondale Ave (Street Parking)

$4 for 4 hours or $8 All Day


Lyft/Uber Drop-Off for Visitors

Planning to get to Cal State LA in Uber or Lyft?

Visitors can be dropped off at our Uber/Lyft drop-off locations located at the Transit Center and the University Student Union. (Refer to Parking Map for locations)


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