International Programs and Global Engagement: Student FAQ

Does Relation Insurance cover Cal State LA International Students during the COVID-19 pandemic? Do they cover COVID-19 testing? Should I go to the Student Health Center?

Relation Insurance will cover testing with no copays or coinsurance applied, and it will cover treatment at the regular insurance levels (i.e. deductible, coinsurance, copays will apply). If you experience symptoms, please call before visiting any health care facility/center.


My travel signature is valid but will expire soon. Should I get another signature now if I plan to return late in the summer to start Fall semester?

Students may exit the U.S. without a travel signature. It is recommended you request an I-20 form with a travel endorsement during the summer and have it shipped to your international address.


I am taking my comp exam this Spring semester. Is it possible to withdraw from it and extend it to next (Fall) semester?

If you are a graduate student enrolled in Comprehensive Exam, withdrawing from the course is NOT okay because you will lose F-1 status.


Will my final examinations/comprehensive exam occur in person or virtually?

Cal State LA President Covino has indicated that instruction of the remaining Spring 2020 semester will be conducted virtually. Final examinations and the Comprehensive Exam are likely to be conducted virtually as well. We recommend that you direct your inquiries to your department advisors and faculty.


Is it possible to purchase different health insurance instead of Relation Insurance?

No. All F-1 students are required to purchase Cal State LA-approved Relation Insurance.


Are there any plans to extend the deadline to pay Fall Semester 2020 tuition due to financial hardships, uncertainties, etc?

These are trying times for all and we understand. We recommend students complete a Tuition Fee Waiver to assist you and/or your sponsors in paying your tuition and fees. Any further questions may be directed to the Cashier’s Office.


Is it possible for international students to be exempt from non-resident fee tuition since courses are being conducted virtually?

No. These are University courses that have moved to non face-to-face instruction. The quality and rigor of these courses is or will be designed to be of equivalent quality as face-to-face instruction and engagement. The fee structure does not change.


How can I access an online OPT workshop?

You may enroll in an OPT workshop here:


How does COVID-19 impact OPT applicants (USCIS processing of OPT applications)?

OPT applicants may or may not experience delays in the processing of OPT applications.