Spring 2024 Rates

South Village — Students Under 21 Years Old

A $40 Application Fee (non-refundable), a $30 Program Fee (per semester, non-refundable), and a $100 Damage Deposit are not included. South Village residents are required to purchase a meal plan. For additional information about meal plans or to sign up, visit Meal Plans.

Single* Double Triple
$6,601 $5,099 $4,104
Meal Plan Per Semester Allocation Cost
Spring 2024 All-Access 7 Plus Unlimited Swipes, 7 days a week with $100 declining balance $2,673 
Spring 2024 All-Access 5 Plus Unlimited Swipes Monday - Friday with $50 declining balance $2,436

*Not currently available. 

University & Golden Eagles Apartments (GEA) — Students 21 and over & Grad Students

A $40 Application Fee (non-refundable), a $30 Program Fee (per semester, non-refundable), and a $100 Damage Deposit are not included. Meal plans are required for all New Students and New Transfer Students. For additional information about meal plans or to sign up, visit Meal Plans.

Phase I & II

Single* Double Triple
$7,176 $5,543 $4,463

*Singles available to graduate students only.


Single w/ Living Room Single w/o Living Room Double
$6,618 $6,251 $5,833
Meal Plan Per Semester Allocation Cost
Spring 2024 All-Access 7 Plus Unlimited Swipes, 7 days a week with $100 declining balance $2,673
Spring 2024 All-Access 5 Plus Unlimited Swipes Monday - Friday with $50 declining balance $2,436
Spring 2024 Weekly 5 Plus 5 meal swipes per week with $50 declining balance $934
Spring 2024 Block 200 Plus 200 meal swipes with $50 declining balance $2,004
Spring 2024 Block 150 Plus 150 meal swipes with $50 declining balance $1,552
Spring 2024 Block 100 Plus 100 meal swipes with $50 declining balance $1,065

Housing fees are billed to student accounts by the semester. Housing fees are due in full prior to the start of the License Agreement term or official move-in date, whichever is earliest.

Fall payment deadline: September 08, 2023
Spring payment deadline: February 09, 2024

Please note:

  • Any payment received after the payment deadline will be considered late and subject to a $20 late fee for each month past due.
  • Financial aid recipients with delayed disbursements will be held responsible for late fees unless the delay was a processing error by the Financial Aid office, verified by the Director of Financial Aid.
  • Payments for housing fees are made directly through CASHNet Smartpay. The Housing Office is not able to collect or process payments.
  • Late Move-In: If you need additional time to make your first payment, you may request a late move-in date. Late move-ins are offered up until (5) five days after the License Agreement's official start.

Can I pay my on-campus housing fees with Financial Aid?

Yes, but it depends.

Financial Aid can be applied to your housing fees. Financial Aid packages will include a combination of different types of aid including, but not limited to grants, scholarships, Federal Student loans, Perkins loans, and Parent PLUS loans. You may also have other outside aid, such as scholarships, available to you that can be applied to your college expenses (see information on non-university scholarships). You should calculate all of your expenses, including tuition, fees, incidentals such as books, and housing costs to make the best decision in accepting the various types of financial aid that are being offered to you. Based on your need, you will then accept the Financial Aid online and be enrolled full-time for the aid to be disbursed to your account. Only Financial Aid that has been officially accepted by the student and cleared for disbursement by the campus will be released to your student account. Please keep in mind that housing fees are covered only after other fees have been satisfied. See below. Financial Aid will be applied to your student fees in the following order:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Campus Fees
  • Room (Room Rent)
  • Board (Meal Plan)
  • Housing Fees (Program Fee and Damage Deposits)

*Click here to view the cost of attendance estimates for the academic year 2023-2024.

If Financial Aid does not cover the total balance due for the semester, the student will be responsible for paying the remaining balance by the stated deadline.

Notification of Financial Aid

The Cal State LA Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will begin sending financial aid information to students at the end of March. Students are responsible for addressing all requirements on their “To Do List.” Be sure to view your “To Do List” on your MyCalStateLA portal to ensure your anticipated financial aid disbursement will be disbursed. Failure to complete your “To Do List” can delay a financial aid disbursement and delay housing payments, thereby resulting in late fees.

Scheduled Disbursement

Housing fees are paid only after Tuition and Fees have been paid. Each semester Financial Aid will pay tuition and fees first, then any balance from the disbursement will be applied to other Cal State LA charges such as housing room and board fees.

First-Time Borrowers

Students who have accepted a Federal Perkins Loan or Federal Direct Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized) must complete their “To Do List” including, but not limited to, the first-time borrowers' Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Loan Counseling. Please reference your MyCalStateLA student portal to ensure that your loans disburse. For questions about the Parent PLUS Loan Program, please contact the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Non-University Scholarships

Scholarships acquired from entities outside of the university are considered off-campus scholarships. Students who have off-campus scholarships must notify the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships of any scholarship award(s) received, even if those awards will be sent directly to you. Please visit the Off-Campus Scholarship website page to access details on submitting information and where scholarship awards can be mailed to.

Residents can set up a payment plan by filling out the Housing Payment Plan form in the Housing Portal. Residents need to fill out this form before reaching out to us for help. Our team can help once the form has been submitted.

Some things to note:

Steps to create the Payment Plan

  1. Log into the Housing Portal using the SSO login. Do NOT try to log in using your Cal State LA username and password.

  2. Select “Forms” in the navigation bar.

  3. Select “Payment Plan” file.

  4. Log into your GET account to see your charges.

  5. Go back to the form and follow the steps to complete, beginning with your name and CIN.

  6. Fill out tuition, housing, Financial Aid, and what you’ve already paid to help calculate your payment. Please do not include your Housing application fee.

  7. Write in your preferred monthly payment, as well as the preferred monthly pay date.

  8. There is a comment section where students are welcome to give us any important information we need to know related to the payments and payment plan.

  9. All payment plans need to be paid in full by April 15, 2024.


Once you’ve submitted your form, please give a week or two for our team to process your form. If all calculations are correct, it will be approved. If not, we’ll reach out to you to assist in making appropriate adjustments.

After the plan has been approved, please refer back to the payment schedule you’ve created to make those monthly payments. The Terms & Conditions include making payments on time, and every time a payment is late, students are charged a $20 late fee. So, please be mindful of your schedule as we will not be sending out payment reminders.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Email us at [email protected] or call us at 323-343-4800. Please include your Campus ID Number (CIN) when you do.

Online Payments

You can pay online by credit card, debit card, or e-check on Transact. For questions regarding billing or Transact, contact the One-Stop Office at 323-343-3630.

Parents Paying Online

According to Transact, a student may create a Parent PIN to allow parents, guardians, and other authorized users to access their account information. The student must create a Parent PIN before the parent can access the payment system. The student can follow these steps to create a Parent PIN:

  1. Click on "Your Account," located in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click on "Add New," located in the box labeled "Parent PINs."
  3. In the Parent PIN field, enter the Login Name you wish to assign to the Parent PIN user.
  4. Enter the Parent PIN user’s email address.
  5. Add an optional note to the welcome email that will be sent to the Parent PIN user.
  6. Select the Parent PIN user’s permission level.
  7. Click on "OK."

Parents will receive a welcome email to the email address registered during the Parent PIN user’s setup. The email will contain the optional note, login information, and temporary password.

Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check (Endorsed by a US Bank Only)

Make checks payable to: Cal State LA – Housing and Residence Life. Write the following on the money order, personal, or cashier's check: "Housing," the student’s name, their CIN, and the term for which you want the payment applied (fall 2023 or spring 2024).

Mail to:

Cal State LA
One Stop Financial Services
Student Services Building # 2380
5151 State University Drive, ADM 128
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8524

International Payments (Wire Transfers and Credit Cards)
International payments are processed by Flywire. Please complete your Flywire payment within Transact by selecting International Payment as the payment method. Flywire accepts international credit card payments and other local payments for over 100 countries and territories including Alipay and UnionPay. You can pay via bank wire option transfer securely from any country, and bank typically in your home currency. When completing your Flywire payment within CASHNet, your information will be provided to Flywire and you will be directed to the Flywire website. Your activity on Flywire's website is governed by the Flywire privacy policy found at "https://www.flywire.com/privacy". Please be aware that additional costs such as currency exchange rates and credit card services fees may be incurred for international transactions. Total costs are displayed when selecting your payment method in Flywire.

Your Flywire payment should not exceed your cost for tuition and other required fees. All refunds for wire payments will be processed through Flywire and returned to the original source.

How to Set up a Housing Payment Plan

How to Set up a Housing Payment Plan