Safety & Security

Emergency Phones are yellow posts with a blue light and are located throughout the housing complex. These non-dial phones are directly linked to the University Police and may be used in the event of an emergency.

If a resident has lost their keys, they must immediately report it to the Office of Housing and Residence Life to ensure the safety and security of the resident’s apartment. Lost keys may result in a charge of up to $88.

If you are locked out during normal business hours, contact the Housing and Residence Life Office. If it is after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, call the Resident Assistant on duty at 323-791-4056.

Forgetting your keys and getting locked out more than three times during the academic year may result in disciplinary action and charges. Fees per academic year are as follows:

Number of Times Locked Out Cost
Up to three No charge
Four $10 + Conduct Meeting
Five $20
Six $30
Additional lockouts cost an additional $10 thereafter.

The Public Safety Police Station is located on the south end of campus (north end of Lot 1).

If you would like to contact the Police Station or Public Safety, call 323-343-3700.

Our University Police proved a Public Safety Escort Service that provides a personal student escort service for students, faculty, staff and visitors, 24/7. This free service is available to you at night and when walking to parking lots or to the housing complex. Making use of this service can greatly improve your personal safety.

Please call 323-343-3700 for more information.

If you are experiencing an emergency or are locked out of your apartment after 5 pm, you can reach the Resident Assistant on Duty at 323-791-4056.

Please take these precautions to keep our community secure:

• If you have a door or window that doesn’t lock, please let us know immediately and complete a Work Order.

• Please make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Always check before you leave for the day and go to sleep at night.

• Secure your personal items in your bedroom and lock the door when you leave. Remember that your roommates may or may not be responsible in securing the apartment before they leave.

• Never loan your personal apartment key to anyone (including your roommates): it is a policy violation to do so.

• Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night, in and around campus. You may call the Eagle Patrol to escort you to and from classes or your vehicle.

• If you have concerns, contact your Resident Assistant. Report all suspicious activity to the Campus Police at 323-343-3700.