Minoring in Political Science

US CongressThe Department offers four minor programs for students majoring in other fields. For each minor below, a link is provided to a "Degree Worksheet" that specifies the exact courses required for completion of the minor.  

Minors offered:

  • General Minor -- For students from any major, designed to allow students to gain some acquaintance with any parts of the field of Political Science without investing in the number of units required for a major. 

  • Global Politics Minor -- Designed for students who are interested in careers abroad or working for public or private sector organizations with an international focus. The minor includes courses in world politics, international relations, international political economy, U.S. foreign policy, and the governments and politics of several areas of the world. 

  • Prelegal Minor --  For students who wish to have several courses in such subjects as Constitutional Law, Judicial Process, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and/or Legal Research Techniques as general preparation for law school. 

  • Public Administration Minor -- For students who wish to have coursework in budgeting, personnel, intergovernmental relations, urban administration, organizational techniques, and management techniques in the public sector as general preparation for working in government or the nonprofit sector. Students in other majors that use public administration courses from this department can use those courses in the minor, as long as one additional course is taken for the minor. 

Note: Students who file for graduation and complete all major and GE requirements will be graduated from the university even if they have not completed the minor. Under these circumstances, there will be no opportunity to complete the coursework necessary for the minor. It is therefore required that students complete their minor either before or simultaneous with completing the graduation requirements for their major.