Frequently Asked Questions

When  the Office of  Graduate Studies approves your program plan, your classification is changed  to classified graduate and a copy of your approved program plan is mailed to you.

A program plan is a form your adviser completes and you sign which lists all of the required courses to complete your degree program.  It must also be approved by the division chairperson and the Charter College of Education graduate dean.

You file for candidacy in the Office of Graduate Studies as soon as you have completed 16 units of course work on your program plan with a GPA of 3.0  or above  and have passed the WPE or filed a petition for exemption.

You meet with your adviser to secure approval for a Course Substitution.  The adviser completes and submits the required form.

If your courses were taken on another campus, your adviser will file a Request for Course Level Evaluation with the Office of Admissions and Records.  When this form is approved, the courses can be transferred into your program.  Your adviser will determine which courses will be acceptable for transfer within the 13-unit restriction at the time your program is planned.

Contact the office of the Division that offers the program you  wish to enter.  Offices post advisement schedules each quarter.

Each division and program has guidelines and an application procedure for taking comprehensive examinations.  You must be advanced to candidacy and meet GPA requirements before you can apply.

Each program in the Charter College of Education offers the thesis/project option.  You select which option you intend to  pursue when your program plan is designed by your adviser.

Your adviser will assist you with this process.  Be sure to obtain and read carefully the Charter College of Education Guidelines for Students Preparing Theses or Projects and the university and program guidelines so that you understand clearly what is required at the beginning of your program.

Many students do this.  You must apply separately for a master's degree program and a credential program even though  in some programs the coursework for both overlaps.  A degree program is governed by the university, but a credential program is governed by the Commission on Teacher credentialing.  Different requirements apply.   Be sure your program adviser understands you wish to pursue both at the time your program is planned.

Other Questions

For questions about your approved degree program plan, advancement to candidacy, course substitutions, transfer courses, Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), application for graduation, or questions about master's degree programs contact the Charter College of Education Office of Graduate Studies:

Dr. A.Dee Williams, Interim Associate Dean, College of Education
Vicki Kim, Curriculum Analyst/Assistant to the Associate Dean
KH D2070
Tel: 323-343-4303


For questions about application to the Charter College of Education, credential program admission and advisement, application to credential programs, CBEST (BSR)/CSET or other testing required, your official student file, applications for directed teaching, internship credentials, or any questions concerning application and fees for California CTC -approved credentials, contact the Charter College of Education Office of Student Services.

email icon  Agustin Cervantes Director for  Student Services
email icon  Joanna Grey-Perez Office Manager

Location: KH D2078
Tel: (323)343-4320