Centers and Institutes

Center for Excellence in Early Intervention and Low Incidence Disabilities


Housed in the Division of Special Education and Counseling, the Center was founded to create a model program for training early intervention professionals. The Center has expanded its focus to include excellence in serving children and youth with low incidence disabilities. Its objectives include developing, demonstrating, and evaluating the best practices in early intervention service delivery to young children with special needs and learners with low incidence disabilities and their families; providing early intervention training to professional, paraprofessionals, and parents; developing and evaluating early intervention training and service delivery materials for dissemination to special educators, child development specialists, speech clinicians, allied health professionals, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and parents; and developing and operating a media and material library about early intervention.

Director: Jilly Chang
Office Location: KH C1035
Telephone: (323) 343-4400

Center for Multicultural Education

The Center's specific goals and objectives are to provide in-service training for faculty and staff, and pre-service training to students about issues related to cultural pluralism, diversity, and multicultural education. The center can also provide assistance to faculty seeking a greater degree of infusion of multiculturalism into their curriculum. The center provides technical assistance to school districts, and offers the C. Lamar Mayer Learning Center - a Saturday morning field experience for Cal State L.A students who provide academic enrichment for students from the community who are at educational risk.

Director: Anna Osipova
Office Location: KHC1072E
Telephone: (323)343-4281