CCOE Technology Lending Library

CCOE Technology Lending Library

The CCOE Technology Lending Library consists of various technology items faculty can borrow for use in the class, conferences and other curriculum related venues. (Please see below for a list of CCOE Technology Equipment available for loan).

CCOE technology equipment can be reserved and picked up at the ITC Office located at King Hall C2084, Phone: 323-343-4339 and is loaned for a period of 1 week. However we ask that our faculty return our equipment immediately after use, so that others have the opportunity to check out high demand items. Other arrangements must be made with the Dean's permission. 

Reserving equipment for the semester/intersession does not equate to the entire semester/intersession without return, it does mean we will try to the best of our ability to have equipment reserved for you for your requested times/days throughout the period. (for example:  if you have a class and need to use equipment once a week on Mondays, please do not keep the equipment for the entire week, so other faculty can use the equipment on other days). We are currently on the honor system and would like to keep it this way.

Please promptly return all loaned equipment directly to the ITC Office(KH C2084) or you may return the loaned equipment to King Hall C2060, CCOE Faculty Lab (six digit code for entry can be obtained from Dean's Office). We check each morning for returned items and place them back into inventory.

Note: The CCOE Technology Office reserves the right to recall any loaned equipment at any time.

CCOE Technology Equipment available for loan

Lenovo PC Laptop (Windows 10)

Dell Latitude Laptop (Windows 7)

Apple MacBook Pro (Macintosh IOS 10.X)

Apple MacBook Air (Macintosh IOS 10.X)

Epson Projector

Short-throw Projector (For close quarters)

Kensington Remote Control Pointer (For PowerPoint Presentations)

Radio Shack Large Presentation Speaker

USB Speakers (Small)

Shure Wireless Microphone

Digital Video Camcorder