Colloquia and Events

Abstract for this week's colloquium (Thursday, May 11, 3:05 – 4:20 pm):

Seth Linker Colloquium


Thursday, May 11, 2023


Login 2:55 pm; Talk 3:05 pm



Spring 2023 Dept of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

(will be updated throughout the semester)

  • Jan 26   No talk, first week of class
  • Feb 2     Dr. Federica Surace, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM), Caltech, "Quantum simulation for high-energy physics"
  • Feb 9     Dr. Margaret Lazzarini, High Energy Astrophysics Group, Caltech, "An X-ray View of the Evolution of Massive Binary Stars"
  • Feb 16   Dr. Emilie Royer, Planetary Science Institute (PSI), "Surface composition of the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter
  • Feb 23   Dr. Allison Towner, University of Florida (UF), "Massive Star Formation in Milky Way Protoclusters"
  • Mar 2     Dr. Maria Charisi, Vanderbilt University, "Frontiers of multi-messenger astrophysics with pulsar timing arrays"
  • Mar 9     Dr. Tara Fetherolf, University of California, Riverside (UCR), "Structural Evolution of Galaxies & Star-Planet Connections"
  • Mar 16   Dr. Riccardo DeSalvo, Ultra Safe Nuclear, "The era of Ultra Safe Nuclear Micro Modular Reactors"
  • Mar 23   Dr. Edgar Mendoza, Redondo Optics Inc., "Advanced Fiber Optic Sensors for Applications Where Weight, Size, and Power are Critical for Operations."
  • Mar 30   No Talk, Spring Break
  • Apr 6     Dr. Sarah Dunsiger, TRIUMF and Simon Fraser University, "Spin Waves, Spin Excitons and Spinons: using Weak β-Decay as a Probe" 
  • Apr 13   Dr. Victoria Karner, TRIUMF, "β-Detected NMR—an unconventional approach for studying condensed matter phenomena"
  • Apr 20   Dr. Armen Kocharian, California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), "Magnetism of synthesized carbon microspheres and core-shell iron-based nanoparticles
  • Apr 27   No Talk, Colloquium Canceled
  • May 4    Dr. Pei-Chun Ho, California State University, Fresno, "Intriguing High-Temperature High-Magnetic-Field Phase Boundary due to Valence Transition in CeOs4Sb12
  • May 11  No Talk, Colloquium Canceled