Past Colloquia and Events

Previous colloquia (2019-20)

Colloquia in March and April 2020 were canceled due to Covid-19.

Feb. 27: Prof. Martin Epstein, Cal State LA, "Some Stories about Discoveries in Physics: How they actually came about and the people who discovered them"

Feb. 20: Prof. Konrad Aniol, Cal State LA, "When Three's a Crowd"

Feb. 13: Prof. Jose Rodriguez, Cal State LA, "Prediction of Structure and Properties of Crystals"

Feb. 6: Prof. Foad Dizadji-Bahmani, Cal State LA, "Does Quantum Mechanics tell us that there is a Multiverse?"

Nov. 21: Dr. Yung-Chen Lin, Infineon Technologies, "Power MOSFET Technology Transferring and its Reliability"

Nov. 14: Prof. Marina Mondin, Cal State LA, "Problems Connected with Femto-scatterers in Dielectric Coating Mirrors for Gravitational Wave Detectors"

Oct. 31: Prof. Silvia Heubach, Cal State LA, "Logarithms – Trick or Treat?!"

Oct. 24: Prof. Alex Small, Cal Poly Pomona, "Theory and Modeling in Superresolution Fluorescence Microscopy"

Oct. 17: Dr. John (Jeb) Bailey, UC Santa Barbara, "Instrumenting Astronomy:  Messy, Multi-Disciplinary, and Fun"

Oct. 10: Prof. Eric Hudson, UCLA, "Can we stop the quantum apocalypse?"

Oct. 3: Dr. Gustavo Joaquin Turiaci, UC Santa Barbara, "Gravity, chaos, and low dimensional examples"

Sept. 26: Prof. Jing Xia, UC Irvine, "Studying 2D magnetism and superconductivity with a Sagnac MOKE microscope"

Sept. 19: Kaeli Flaczinski, SpaceX, "Becoming a Rocket Scientist"

Sept. 12: Prof. Yongtao Cui, UC Riverside, "Imaging Topological States in Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials"

Sept. 5: Dr. Raul Herrera, UC San Diego, "Iterative Methods in Nuclear Structure Symmetry and the Weak Nuclear Force"

Aug. 29: Prof. Elizabeth Read, UC Irvine, "Noisy Dynamics in the Epigenome: Insights from Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Inference"


Previous colloquia (2018-19)

May 2: Dr. Renyu Hu, JPL, "Characterizing habitable environments in the Solar System and beyond"

Apr. 25: Dr. Harry Themann, Cal State LA, "Observation of Electron Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay"

Apr. 18: Dr. Seyda Ipek, UC Irvine, "Why Are We Here?  Matter–Antimatter Asymmetry of the Universe"

Apr. 11: Prof. Pete Kekenes-Huskey, Univ. of Kentucky, "Molecular simulations of diffusion in nanoporous media"

Mar. 21: Prof. Andreas Bill, CSU Long Beach, "Quantum States of Superconducting-Magnetic Proximity Systems and Josephson Junctions"

Mar. 14: Prof. Nick Graham, USC, "Systems biology approaches to decode cellular behaviors"

Feb. 28: Prof. Roya Zandi, UC Riverside, "Principles for designing protein nanocages"

Feb. 21: Dr. Davide Gerosa, Caltech, "Understanding the birth and growth of binary black holes using gravitational waves"

Feb. 14: Prof. Hai-Bo Yu, UC Riverside, "Hunting for Dark Matter"

Feb. 7: Dr. Daniel Silevtich, Caltech, "Taming Disorder: Statics and Dynamics in a Realization of the Random Field Ising Model"

Jan. 31: Dr. Simon Birrer, UCLA, "Probing Dark Matter with Gravitational Lensing"

Nov. 29: Prof. Marco Bernardi, Caltech, "Advances in Computing Charge Carrier Dynamics in Materials from First Principles"

Nov. 15: Prof. Olaseni Sode, Cal State LA, "Exploring the electronic and vibrational structure of carbon dioxide"

Nov. 8: Prof. Zhongbo Kang, UCLA, "Quantum tomography of a proton"

Nov. 1: Prof. Ximin He, UCLA, "Bioinspired Dynamic Material Systems based on Smart Hydrogels: Sensing, Sorting, and Harvesting"

Oct. 25: Dr. Coral Wheeler, Caltech, "Be it therefore resolved: simulating dwarf galaxies at the high resolution limit"

Oct. 18: Prof. Breanna Binder, Cal Poly Pomona, "SN2010da: From Supernova Impostor to Ultraluminous X-ray Source"

Oct. 11: Prof. Anna Bezryadina, CSU Northridge, "Optical trapping and manipulation of bacteria"

Oct. 4: Prof. Wylie Ahmed, CSU Fullerton, "Active mechanics and forces that keep our cells alive" 

Sept. 27: Prof. Eli Levenson-Falk, USC, "Fleas on Schrödinger's Cat: Decoherence in Superconducting Quantum Circuits"

Sept. 20: Arabi Seshappan, Cal State LA, "CeBOx (B=La, Mn, Co, Fe) as potential catalysts for thermochemical water splitting reactions"

Sept. 13: Marc Ong, Cal State LA, "Applications of machine learning in physics and chemistry"

Sept. 6: Prof. Peter Zhao, Cal State LA, "Polaronic high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates, bismuthates, and pnictides"


Previous colloquia (2017-18)

May 3: Prof. Christoph Haselwandter, USC, "Collective phenomena in cell membranes"

April 26: Dr. Yuval Baum, Caltech, "Current at a distance and resonant transparency in Weyl semimetals"

April 19: Prof. Jayakanth Ravichandran, USC, "Shining Light on Perovskite Chalcogenides: Semiconductors for Visible to Infrared Optoelectronics"

Unfortunately we lost the rest of our list from this year.  :(