Study Abroad: Briauna's Story

Briauna's Photo

Meet Briauna Dotson! She is a graduate student studying Sociology at Cal State LA. She studied in Colombia (Bogotá and Quibdó) with our Faculty-Led Study Abroad program. She was drawn to this trip because it highlighted Afro-Colombia and Colombian citizens of African descent. The trip enhanced Briauna’s knowledge of her own culture. “[It was] definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life. I am still in close contact with a lot of the friends I met in Quibdó! I learned a lot about the Afro-Latinx culture. I also learned a lot about the African Diasporic bonds of Colombia.” 

Briauna found out about this study abroad opportunity from Dr. Tasha Willis, one of the professors who led the trip to Colombia. According to Dr. Willis, “traveling and studying away from our home country challenges us to think beyond our normal confines and horizons.”

Briauna reflects on her experience saying, “This trip benefited me in many ways! I am excited about traveling to other African Diasporic places. I learned a lot about myself in many aspects. I would highly recommend other underrepresented students to study abroad!” She encourages other students who are considering study abroad to utilize funding options like FASFA, savings, grants, and loans. In the future, Briauna hopes to become a college professor and involved in higher education administration! Read more about the Faculty-Led Colombia trip here.