Study Abroad: 20 Steps to Study Abroad with Cal State LA Exchange

20 Steps to Study Abroad with Cal State LA Exchange

1. Apply for your passport.  This process takes several weeks.

2. Explore the programs on our website.

3. Select your first- and second choice universities.

4. Decide if you are studying abroad for one semester, two semesters, or one summer term.

5. Apply online here.

6. Submit the following items in your application:

  • Recent transcript
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member
  • Short essay questions

7. Meet with your financial aid counselor to determine how much funding you will receive, and what scholarships you can apply to. There are many study abroad scholarships, typically due in October for Spring programs or March for Summer and Fall study abroad programs.

8. The Cal State LA Education Abroad Coordinator will review your completed application.

9. If you are selected, the Education Abroad Coordinator will contact a university on your behalf and nominate you for the exchange.

10. After you are nominated, the Education Abroad Coordinator and/or the partner university will contact you to tell you how and when to apply to the partner university abroad.

11. Submit application materials to the partner university abroad.

12. The exchange coordinator at the university abroad will review your application and/or Cal State LA's Education Abroad Coordinator will let you know if there are any missing documents.

13. The exchange coordinator at the university abroad will send you an acceptance letter.

14. Meet with your academic advisor and/or department chair to confirm that your classes abroad will fit your degree plan.

15. Enroll in your selected classes at the partner university abroad.

16. Apply for a student visa at the host country consulate (if needed).

17. Buy your roundtrip flight.

18. Register your dates of departure and address with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

19. Attend the Cal State LA Pre-departure Orientation, typically held in May and December.

20. Study abroad!