Colloquia and Events

During the academic year, the Department hosts a weekly colloquium series which features speakers from both academia and industry.  This semester (Fall 2020) the colloquia take place on Thursdays from 3:05-4:20 pm on Zoom.  Please contact the colloquium coordinator, Milan Mijic (mmijic [at] calstatela [dot] edu), for the link.

This week's colloquium

Vera Glusevic, USC,
"Dark Matter throughout Cosmic History"

Thursday, Dec. 3, 3:05 pm

Dark matter constitutes 85% of matter content in the Universe, but its physical nature remains unknown and requires new physics to explain. I will review the status of cosmological searches for dark matter interactions, summarizing the best current limits on scattering of light particle candidates with protons derived from the cosmic-microwave-background anisotropy measurements. I will then present stringent new bounds on the same physics, inferred recently from the observed abundances of the Milky Way satellite galaxies. I will highlight complementarities between different observations and laboratory searches for dark matter, and discuss the prospects for unveiling the physics of dark matter in the coming decade.


Upcoming colloquia

Spring 2021 schedule TBA!


Previous colloquia (2020-21)

Nov. 19: Michael Peterson, CSU Long Beach, "Keeping it real: theoretically searching for instrinsic topologically ordered phases in realistic systems"

Nov. 12: Laura Grego, Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, "The Growing Danger of Nuclear Weapons (and how physicists can help reduce it)"

Nov. 5: Brian Shuve, Harvey Mudd College, "Illuminating Hidden particles at High-Energy Colliders"

Oct. 29: Yohannes Shiferaw, CSU Northridge, "Stochasticity, nonlinear dynamics, and waves: the mechanisms that underlie cardiac arrhythmias" 

Oct. 22: Sarah Blunt, Caltech, "The Orbits of Cold Jupiters"

Oct. 15: Nathan Strange, JPL, "The Scenic Route to Enceladus"

Oct. 8: Krishna Sigdel, Cal Poly Pomona, "Dynamic structure of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) in membranes via force microscopy"

Oct. 1: Stephanie Wissel, Penn State, "The Quest for the Cosmic Neutrinos at the Highest Energies"

Sep. 24: Mahmoud Hammouri, Cal State LA, "Quasi-two-dimensional electron gas at the interface of Bi2ZnTiO6/SrTiO3"

Sep. 17: Shan-Wen Tsai, UC Riverside, "Proposals for quantum simulating lattice gauge theory models"

Sep. 10: Chantal Nguyen, University of Colorado, "The physics of collective animal behavior: aggregation, navigation, and communication"

Sep. 3: Laura Sales, UC Riverside, "Dwarf Galaxies and their Dark Matter Content"

Aug. 27: Greta O’Dea (Bernal group), Lorraine Sandoval and Roberto Tejada (Terebey group), Robert Appleton and Allen Marquez (Jishi group), Charles Metzler-Winslow and Danielle Wilkerson (Nerenberg group), and Miguel Lopez (Aniol group) – Student Research Projects